120+ Positive Status & Quotes To Brighten Your Life

Positive thinking is all about seeing the glass half full even when it is half empty. People tend to confuse positive thinking with ignoring life’s unpleasantness. It’s not about ignoring the bothersome situations. Rather, it is about dealing with the situation in a positive way. Here are some WhatsApp statuses based on Positive Thinking-

Power of Positive status

  • From now on, I will be grateful for everything wonderful that I have in my life. 

  • We always let fear cloak the positive aspects of our life. Let’s not do that anymore.

  • He or she who thinks positively can see and feel the things that others can’t.

  • If you abide by the path of positive thinking, then you are bound to achieve the impossible.

  • All we want is happiness, and the path to it can be discovered through a bright outlook.

  • If you nurture your heart with positivity, you will be able to see the beautiful world.

  • I have the power to control the way I think and I will only think positively.

  • Keep your heart away from negativity and witness your growth as a human.

  • Whether you react to adversity in a positive or negative manner, the choice is yours. 

  • Believing is our strength, and I believe in the supremacy of positive thinking.

  • The age of enlightenment is always supported by the ones that carry positivity.

  • Don‘t forget to nurse your positive thoughts and eliminate the negative ones.

  • Listen to Science as it says people who think positively can live longer and happier.

  • Allow positive thoughts to flood your mind and cherish the world with a new lens.

  • To move ahead in life, leave grudges behind as they can come in the way of a positive life.

  • I have realized that some things work out by themselves if we try to stay positive.

  • Always remember that we become what we think about ourselves. So think positive
  • A positive mind will see failure as a part of success.

  • Our thoughts play a significant role, so make sure you preserve the ones that help you grow.

  • I turned my face towards the sunshine, and the shadows fell behind me.

  • Positive actions mixed with positive thinking guarantee success.
Power of Positive Status

Motivational Positive Thinking status

  • Always focus on things that matter and let go of things that don’t

  • We know who we are as a human, but we may not know what we can become.

  • Talking about it will get you nowhere, but acting on it could change your life.

  • It’s not about losing the battle of yesterday. Rather, it’s about winning the war of tomorrow

  • Negative thoughts give birth to roadblocks along the path toward success.

  • A person molded by positive thoughts can see opportunity in every difficult situation.

  • We all have the choice to become either pessimistic or optimistic. I chose the latter.

  • Everything is possible in life, but it is impossible to create a positive life with a negative mind. 

  • We don’t live forever, so whatever time we have in this world, let’s live it with zeal.

  • When you learn from criticisms and keep praises at bay, you become a mature and positive being.

  • Positive self-talk in front of a mirror does wonders if one tries.

  • There is always a way for people who desperately want to make things happen.

  • The achievers from history books had one thing in common amongst them, and that is positive thinking.

  • You’re an invincible creature if you’re able to create the best out of the worst situations

  • My life is worthy of living, and it is the truest fact of my life.

  • If there’s an obstacle ahead, just greet it and solve it like a positive thinker.

  • Don’t just watch the apple fall to the ground. Rather, find the reason why it fell.

  • If you have the belief that you can do it, then no achievement remains unrealistic for you.

  • Just stand up against the hurdle until it finally breaks.

  • It’s ok to get knocked down, but it’s not okay to stay down.

  • An optimist would never eat away his today by thinking about his yesterday.

  • suffering defeats are not our choice but staying defeated is the choice that we make.

  • Thinking about outcomes shifts the focus from our goals.
Power of Positive Status

Inspirational Positive thinking Whatsapp status

  • Life becomes a hell lot easier when we see the things with a positive outlook

  • You can write your own story, so write something positive every day.

  • Negative thoughts have the ability to strangle confidence. Dwelling on it will get us nowhere.

  • Positivity works like a medication that strengthens you from within.

  • Our mind is everything. We can train it to see the good in everything.

  • We are a winner if we can stay positive in any given negative situation.

  • When you infuse positivity into your life then, you can 

  • The ones who succeed don’t avoid failures; rather, they acknowledge and learn from failure.

  • It’s vital to feed our minds with positivity because only then can we bring the things we want into our lives.

  • Stop stressing about things that are behind you; rather, think about what is within you.

  • Our Fears will keep on growing if we just sit on them instead of acting on them.

  • Life is a daring adventure, and to enjoy the ride, you will need the tickets of positivity.

  • The more pessimistic the person is, the weaker the person becomes.

  • No matter what the situation, staying positive will help you find the answers.

  • Cultivating hatred at heart makes the person and their life both miserable

  • If our minds are weapons and then the ammo we have are positive thoughts and attitudes.

  • Never shy away from thinking big. The next step is belief and taking action.

  • If positive thinking is an art, then I will have to be the Picasso of it.

  • Keep worries at bay and instead, channel that energy to create something beautiful

  • A bad attitude and negative thinkings are a liability and a disability.

  • The more you think optimistically, the more you awaken your inner strength and motivation.

  • A positive mind makes way for new thoughts and creative ideas.
Power of Positive Status

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