99+ Best Quotes by World Famous Architects

We can call architecture living art and architects the artists or creator of that visual art. Can you imagine a world without architects? I am sure you can’t. From our homes to roads to any corner of the world you can think of; architecture is always there.

People are always fascinated about architects. So let’s have a look on what world famous architects are saying and what are their point of view toward the world. 

Quotes by World Famous Architects

  • A great building always starts it’s journey by being unmeasurable then being measurable and in the last being unmeasurable again. –Louis Kahn
  • The sun realizes it’s beauty when people made a room. –Louis Kahn
  • The bigger arts always solve the complications by making them simpler. We designers really need to focus in the bigger picture always. –Tim Parsey
  • Providing meaningful architectures always mean you are articulating the history. A designer always need to remember that. –Daniel Libeskind
  • Architecture is not just based on steel, cement and concrete. It is based on dreams and wonders. –Daniel Libeskind 

_Cities are coming back to life and architecture is the reason of that. –Daniel Libeskind 

_Everything in this world is more or less designed and few things are beautifully designed. –Brian Reed

_Try and use your concept and create a safe design. –Petrula Vrontikis

_Making cities that provide people for better is the most simple and most cheap thing in the world. –Jan Gehl

_Keeping the lavatory door shut by left leg is known as modern architecture. –Nancy Banks-Smith

_Designs should always say “Look at this!” –David Craib

_A great design will always be transparent in nature. –Joe Sparano

 _A good architecture is like a good poem or a good book which allows you to be the real you with all your scars, pains and flaws. It never tries to change you, but tells you how beautiful you are already. –Robert Sullivan 

_In pure architecture even the smallest details serve purpose or meaning. –Augustus W. N. Pugin

_Designing is like choosing what I am going to wear this evening to me. It’s neither simple not complex. –Robynne Raye

_The job of an architect is to advise his/her clients to plant vines while a doctor can bury his mistakes. –Frank Lloyd Wright

_Architecture is the breakeven point for Arts and Science. –Mieke Gerritzen 

_Wasting space is now an art because of architecture. –Philip Johnson

_A designer is a planner who has the sense of aesthetics. –Bruno Munari

_A great architecture always talks about it’s time and place at first. –Frank Gehry 

_Architecture is a long, correct and magnificent game assembled in the forms of light. –Le Corbusier

_Architecture helps to arouse sentiments of a man and an architect uses those sentiments to enhance his architecture. –Adolf Loos

_There is always a desire to reach for the sky in human psyche and architecture helps them to fulfill that desire. –Cesar Pelli

_Architecture is all about well-being. It’s about a good shelter sometimes and about pleasure every time. –Zaha Hadid 

_Designers are meant to be loved, don’t try to understand them. –Fabien Barral 

_Architects spend their whole life with the idea of fighting against gravity. –Renzo Piano

_All the architectures are just normal art like before sunset, but it is one great architecture after the sun has set. Perhaps architecture is nocturnal like fireworks.  –Gilbert K. Chesterton 

_An architect will draft plan of your house and plan draft on your money. –Ambrose Bierce 

_Your hang your architect in your home. –Chare Booth Luce

_Modernist design is boring but it is so much faster. –Christine Suewon Lee   

_Let us think that when we build, we build it forever. –John Ruskin

_You are an architect. You design for present after knowing the past and for the future which is also essentially known. –Normon Foster 

_The room is there for the human being but not the other way round. –El Lissitzky 

_The architects make the myths real. –Sotirios Kotoulas 

_We used to make civilization and now all we do is make shopping malls. –Bill Bryson

_We build good architecture and the good architectures build us. –Jim Rohn

_Some ideas are life changing and all you have to do is just open one more door for a good idea. – Jim Rohn

_Novel is created by putting philosophy into images –Jim Rohn

_A building has integrity just like we do. –Ayn Rand 

_Great buildings that are unique and poetic and move the spirit are always rare, very rare. –Arthur Erickson

_Architecture has to be experienced and it cannot be described. –Maya Lin

_Architects can draw it up or make models but one has to experience architecture as a whole. –Maya Lin

_Architecture is mythically fantastic to me. –Maya Lin

_The first task of an architect is to create a sacred art by separating the micro climate from the macro space outside or by drawing a perimeter. –Mario Botta

top quotes by world famous architects

_Of all arts architecture is the one which works slowly but most prominently on people’s souls. –Ernest Dimnet

_Architecture is huge and there are a lot of criticisms about how it actually works. –Ai Weiwei 

_People often look at the beauty of the building but it is the construction and foundation that stands still there. –David Allan Coe

_The modern architecture is the greatest enemy of art. –Pierre-Auguste Renoir

_Architecture means shelter to me. –Philip Johnson

_Providing people to look at something that is different or providing the different point of view is architecture to me. –Maya Lin

_If there are planets of art then architecture would be the dark side of the moon. –Bruno Zevi

_If someone does not use the design then it is not finished or fulfilled. –Brenda Laurel

_If an architecture is intense and has a great idea then the imperfections will be in the background. –Alberto Campo Baeza

_Buildings should not have straight lines or sharp corners. –Antonio Gaudi

_There is just one difference between good and bad architecture. It’s the time you put on that. –David Chipperfield

_It’s not a job of an architect to express serenity as an error. –Luis Barragán

_Light is the principle beauty of a building. –Thomas Fuller

_If a building id beautiful then it is the love of one man who made it out of love for space, materials and other things like that. –Martha Graham 

_The real meaning of architecture is reaching out for the truth. –Louis Kahn

_Architects do not have the option of rejecting significant things. At least most of the architects don’t. –Rem Koolhaas

_The beauty of a building resides in the architecture. –Louis Sullivan

_Good people make good buildings and good designers solve the problems. –Stephen Gardiner

_Each situation requires a new architecture. –Jean Nouvel

_Architecture is like inventions to me. –Oscar Niemeyer

_It is a very old building, Clap slowly! –John Osborne

_Architects have made the architecture even more complex than ever. –Toyo Ito

_We need to simplify architecture so that everyone can connect to it. –Toyo Ito

_What you draw might become a building later. –Saul Steinberg

_Beauty perishes in life but it is immortal in art. Leonardo the Vinci

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