A Speech on “How Will Recycling Help Us?”

A hearty welcome to each and everyone present here. It gives me immense joy to share my knowledge on how Recycling will be helpful to us ? Recycling has always been an old practise which is passed down for generations. Well, what is recycling ? To put it in a simpler term we can say that making something new out of an old or an unused product. With the increase in environmental awareness, Recycling has become  a growing practise and more and more people have started to come along in this journey. 

Recycling helps in reducing the non biodegradable waste, as a result reduces consumption of natural resources.Reusing used products can help in manufacturing of the product take for example plastic bottles, if they are recycled and reused manufacturing of plastic can reduce resulting in less extraction of petroleum and its bi products . Which will ultimately lead to less pollution ,improve in a cleaner and healthier environment.  In a similar way if we recycle papers, there will be less number of trees cut down reducing deforestation. 

When making reusable products requires very less energy compared to making  products from new raw materials , because a new product needs to be built from scratch which requires a lot of man power and energy. When energy is cut down, it also means the amount of greenhouse gases released can also be controlled. While cutting down the amount of raw materials extracted from earth, it helps in protecting our precious ecosystem and not taking away the homes of many animals and birds. Reusing the leftover vegetables and fruits to make manure and compost instead of harmful chemicals which destroys soil and human life.

Another  way Recycling can be helpful is that it helps to reduce landfilling.All the old furniture, old broken items which are dumped in the dumpster, can be used by upcycling the furniture, which can be  later on used in numerous ways. It has also created an employment opportunity where many people who have taken it as a hobby and have also started a small time business out of it.

As there is a minimum investment required and also less energy involved , it has become an easier option  especially for homemakers who want to start earning their own income inorder to support the family. Apart from this we  can also see that  in  many major cities more zero waste stores have started to emerge who encourage their customers to carry their own containers for the products they want to purchase.

As discussed these are few of the  benefits we get by starting Recycling which is as easy as to turn a plastic bottle into a beautiful wall hanging, or using an automobile tyre to grow beautiful flowers and vegetables in the garden. With this I would like to conclude that with the increasing changes in the climatic conditions, let us all join in hand to protect our environment with small steps we take by trying to reuse as much as possible in order to achieve the above mentioned benefits. Thank you !

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