A Speech on “Will Banning Plastic Bags Help?”

A warm welcome to all the students present here; thank you for gathering today as we talk about Will banning plastic bags helps. Every day we come across plastics in different forms, from storage containers to small candy wrappers. It’s all plastic. It is not possible to ban plastic in every form as it is very easy to use. In this presentation, let us learn how the downside and how banning plastic bags help us.

Plastics are mostly derived from petrochemicals and can be found in various forms. Plastic bags are more easily available everywhere and are easy to use. Most of the pollution is caused by these plastic bags, which, even after disposal, do not break down for hundreds of years.

Plastic bags can also be a major reason for air, water, and land pollution. Being light in weight, they can be carried away by wind and, as a result, will land in between trees, fences, garbage, and water bodies. It would be harmful as if one consumes without knowledge, it will lead to suffocation and death.

As these are not natural materials, enzymes and bacteria will not be able to degrade them. This, when not disposed of properly, is eaten by the animals and birds, thinking it to be their food; the small particles of plastics also end up in the soil and grow up along with the other plants. In the end, it is indirectly induced into the human food chain when through crops and meat and harms the human body as well.

Some store edible things in plastic bags for a longer amount of time, which is very unsafe. Prolong use of plastic can lead to serious diseases like cancer. Burning plastic bags is as equally harmful as dumping them in the trash as it can cause a lot of toxic gases to be emitted, which will be harmful in inhalation.

Ban on plastic bags can help in reducing their manufacturing of them and encourage recycling and reuse hence reducing the amount of litter.

To preserve the animal and bird species and to protect our ecosystem, banning plastic bags can be helpful. Banning them will make people seek an alternative option, whereas some will opt to use recycled goods. This, on the other hand, can increase the production of sustainable products made out of sustainable materials that do not cause any harm to the environment and can be easily available. 

Seeing the outcome of using plastic bags, Many cities have banned the use of plastic bags globally in an attempt to preserve the environment for the coming generations. It is the responsibility of each and every individual to be responsible for their actions and take the lead to minimize usage and dump them suitably. With the increasing changes in the global climatic conditions and depletion of the ozone layer, a Strict ban on plastic bags will help to scale down the adverse effects. Proper awareness and understanding of the ban on plastic bags will allow for a better environment.

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