101+ Best Retirement Announcement Wording ideas

Retirements are always a memorable day for both the employee who is retiring and his other colleagues and hence that day is celebrated with a warm farewell for their holidays and for the rest of the life and this retirement is also celebrated with brunches or any other kind of celebration.

Retirement Announcement Wording

Retirement Announcement Wording ideas

  • on the day () we hereby announce the retirement of () and we all shall bless () for a happy future ahead
  • Let us all hope for a better future for our beloved () as today is the day we shall give our friend a warm farewell
  • Everyone is invited in a brunch organized on behalf of the retirement of our beloved () on () and we all shall all pray for ()’s better future ahead
  • This day is a crucial day for us as we bid farewell to one of our great friends and an efficient worker of our firm as today is ()’s retirement 
  • warm wishes on behalf of us since it is (_)’s retirement and we hope in future he shall stay well and stay happy
  • It is finally time for our friend () to leave the office chair and takeover the sofa at home for the rest of his life and hence I announce ()’s retirement on this day ()
  • Every journey has an end and that is what makes the journey special, and today is the end of our friend ()’s () year journey as an official of () and hence we announce the retirement of ()
  • let us all thank () for providing his service for all these years nonstop hence everyone wishes () a happy future ahead for ()
  • on () at (), one of our members of the () company is retiring and hence all are requested to 
  • This is to inform you that MR () days at our office has come to an end and hence on () day, he/she shall retire from our office and we all bless him/her to have a happy life ahead
  • we hereby announce the retirement of our friend () from our firm on () at () and everyone is requested to attend the farewell ceremony on this behalf
  • Let us all bid a happy farewell to our friend who is retiring today and provide him well wishes for the rest of his holidays at home as we announce the retirement of () on ()
  • Our friend () has been an efficient worker till date, and we really regret leaving him our firm as we will miss him/her. Hence we all wish () a happy farewell
  • on this day a celebration is fairly expected on behalf if the announcement of the retirement of our () and we hope his/her days pass in prosperity
  • your hard work shall always pay off as it did to our firm and hence on this day your journey end here, and on this day we announce your retirement and wish you a happy life ahead
  • Today we announce the retirement of our beloved () and hence we all bless him/her for a better future ahead
  • ()’s presence was really worthwhile and we shall always preserve your memories in our hearts, as we announce a happy farewell, as you retire from our firm
  • we shall always miss you as you were an important part of our office, and today is a special day as we announce your retirement on () at ()
  • we all bless () for the wonderful holidays ahead with ()’s family as we announce the retirement of () and we hope you shall always remember us as we do to yours
  • This day shall remark as one of the special ones as you finally complete your duty as one of us and hence today we announce the retirement of () 
  • () shall always stay in our hearts as () added to our progress and today and you shall  be happy as it is your retirement and hence wishing you a happy future ahead
  • Today is the special day when () is retiring and on behalf of this occasion we organize a brunch and hence all are invited
  • we wish our friend happy holidays for the rest of your life as today I announce ()’s retirement from the () company and hence we all wish for ()’s happy future 
  • just like our school life, college life ends, ()’s days as an official of () end today and hence we announce the retirement of () on () at () and everyone is invited to be a part of it
  • Let us all wish () his/her a happy farewell, and he has provided his committed service till now, and we hereby announce ()’s retirement on this day 
  • we shall all be proud that we had someone like () working with us, as we have reached the day when we finally announce the retirement of () 
  • on the auspicious day of (), we organize a merry farewell party as we announce the retirement of our beloved () and wish him a peaceful holiday at home
  • on() of () our friend cum colleague who has been our member of the () team, and today is a sad day since we bid farewell to him as we announce ()’s retirement from ()
  • let us all be happy for () as we announce his/her retirement and hope he spends the rest of his life well with his family
  • we are proud of the dedication and commitment that you had provided for us for all these years today we announce your retirement our good wishes are with you always
  • This journey that we had till now was a memorable one but today it ends as we announce the retirement of () from () and we all wish that you spend your life happily in your home
  • The best part of life comes to an end but the relaxing and party mode is just yet to begin! This retirement is all I deserved after years of hard work!

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