A Speech on “The Secret to Resolving Conflicts”

We have to remember that if we are married or live within a family it is impossible not to have any conflict, but we must try our best to resolve them.

Now comes the question, how can we handle it?

We always have to try to resolve our conflicts actively, specifically, and as soon as possible. We must try our best to fight with the conflict actively, not assuming that it will be clear by itself. We must try to resolve with it by, making it concentrated, repeated and earnest efforts to reconcile our relationships very soon. And we must deal with it without any delay or postponing.

Therefore, if you are going to do an important work and there remember that one of your family member has something against you, leave your important work there at that time. First try to reconcile with your family member; then come and complete your work. Settle matters immediately with the other person.

When your family members are against you, try your best to show him his fault, just between you two. When the person listens to you, you have won in your effort. But if he will not give any attention to you, take one or two persons along with you, so that ‘every matter maybe confirmed by the presence and support of two or more witnesses.

We have to always remember that it is our call to take the first step towards trying to establishing peace with others.

If it is possible, for you, try to live at peace with everyone around you.

We also have to believe in these sayings that, that time always cannot heal all wounds of ours. Conflicts will not be resolved or corrected by themselves. People cannot forget easily the insults and injuries. Instead, uncorrected or unresolved conflicts can be grown to a big problem in the future. If they go unresolved then they can be subdued for some time, surfacing later, and sometimes with greater power and angst, adversity, or coldness.

For these reasons relational reconciliation and good conduct always need hard work. We should try our best to “pursue” peace—to follow it, track it down, and search for it. Resolving to peace is not easy or optional.

Try to repeat some of the loving things and sweet memories that you have said in the past to help the other person in recalling your love for him. Only then they can realize that actually, their conflict has brought out many loving things as well.

One main and important thing is the undeniable importance of words, which we use for building relationships. Only some of us have the eloquence of good words, but all of us can find some earnest and heartfelt words which are appropriate to us and to our relationships to really soften the other person and tell them that we really do care for them. And that positive attitude really strengthens our effort and conviction about the necessity of those heartfelt loving words to build a relationship which God would also support.

Thank you very much.

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