A Speech on “Security Cameras Keep Us Safer”

A security camera can also be called as CCTV (Closed Circuit Tele-vision). The requirement for CCTV has been rising day by day. The idea of installing a CCTV Camera is a very important move because a security kit always provides you with the mental satisfaction regarding safety, thus giving you an upper hand. Whether you own a business, factory house or only wish to keep yourself and your family safe and sound, such mechanism is a must. It is not only essential to use a CCTV camera, but you also need to ensure that it is a product is of good-quality. It also requires well maintenance by means of regular checks ups.

The monitoring and recording of videos through installing the safety cameras give any person a deep sense of security and mental ease as these surveillance cameras will work as a protection against crime. Security camera helps in stopping a crime by giving its attention; that is not a point of view, it is actually a fact. Those safety cameras have various beneficial points. A very special benefit is that the police of our society can identify and catch criminals in the act, thus decreasing crime rate. This will make the factories, buildings and also the streets safer for people.

Another important point is that the young offenders or some petty criminals will be identified and can be stopped them while doing anything bad. They will feel frightened to carry out crimes, and hence our society will become a lot safer place. But, only the CCTV systems, as stated, will not be able to stop crime. In many places, having safety cameras, the crime rate is still higher than in the other places. When a person is determined to execute a crime they will surely commit it in the camera’s blind spot.

A person who is already a criminal will obviously try to do everything to make sure that they will not be seen in those cameras. In some cases the CCTV cameras are just present there to offer the public a false feeling of safety and actually are less potential to provide us with proper safety.

In these modern times, technological advances will always continue to improve our ability to monitor various public areas. By enhancing itself, technology will continue to give us a helping hand to prevent crime and catch criminals. While the use of safety cameras to identify suspects involved in the Boston Marathon bombings may insists the cities to grab upon  some additional surveillance methods, they should follow that very cautiously—and with the special technique learned from other cities.

Despite the truth that there are various special benefits on using some surveillance devices such as safety cameras, we should try our best to stop the excess use of the security cameras with thinking about the individual’s privacy and freedom. We also need to establish some clear rules about the time and place of using the surveillance cameras, which cannot be seen now. On the other hand it is always important to have cameras in places where crime is a very big concern such as near major bridges and tunnels.

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  1. “Absolutely compelling speech! The eloquent articulation of how security cameras contribute to our safety is both enlightening and reassuring. The emphasis on striking a balance between security and privacy reflects a thoughtful perspective on the evolving role of surveillance in our communities. Well done in addressing a crucial aspect of modern society with clarity and conviction!”

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