A Speech on “Self-Centered Generation”

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Self-centered persons are those people who only think about themselves, their own requirements, and their own interest. They don’t think about the need of others and do whatever they want. Self-centered people can also be described as egocentric, selfish, narcissistic, and many more. This self-centeredness has transferred from generation to generation for all ages.

The majority of the new generation thinks that they are superior to others, but actually but they are inferior beings as a result of their self-centeredness. They do not believe in human values; they only do those things which are proved to be beneficial for them. They don’t try to respect their parents, elders, relatives as well, etc.

It is to be noted that students bear extra pressure in their minds related to the problems of their education, parental and teachers pressure, political pressure, job pressure, and many more other causes. This all type of pressure changes an individual into a lonely person, and he thinks that all the pressures have to be carried out by himself alone; that’s why all the good results of his hard efforts are only being enjoyed by him alone. This makes the person egoistic and self-centered.

These types of people believe that whatever they think, do, or say will always prove to be right and confident enough that no one can prove them wrong. So, if someone tries to argue with him, then they would answer with vague or harsh words. These people do what they believe to be the right thing to do and what only those that make them happy.

He believes that he is only the right person in this entire world and that the others are totally wrong. He thinks that he is well-aware of everything, and the other is truly not a match for him. This type of self-centered person also wants that the society in which he is living will always talk and behave like him. A self-centered person tends to be a more aggressive person than others. If anyone does not support him or argue with him, then this self-centered person can come up with the idea of revenge.

A typical egoistic person can come from a self-centered person only to remember the bad things of their lives and the bad behavior of the persons around them.

God creates all the living and, with great care, beings with soft clay; in the eyes of god, all the living beings, including the human beings, are equal. God gave humans great power and some special qualities through which an individual can do some good things for society. But in today’s world, everything revolves around wealth and money.

The problem is that we feel that we only are members of society and don’t try to think about others. No one cares for the poor and needy people of society. Everyone had become very selfish and egoistic in this world.

Thousands of years back, there were many numbers of great people who dedicated their lives to the benefit of mankind and lived happy lives.

Now it’s time for the younger generation to offer their entire life for the improvement of mankind and also their society by which one can enjoy success in life and also the life after death.

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