A Speech About Wildlife Safety

Wildlife is traditionally known as feral animal species. Animals that are undomesticated are basically known as wildlife. But to think that, these wildlife animals exist without the intrusion of human beings would be wrong.

Humans, for centuries have been manipulating, using and destroying wildlife for many reasons. There, some wildlife that produce products that humans might useful for their own selfish needs. These include fur-bearing animals such as badgers, beavers, foxes, minks etc. These are used for making fur garments by the fur industry. Other reasons for humans using wildlife might be economic, or for various other reasons.

Animal Rights activists are people who complain for animal to be treated and respected equally to humans. They believe that wild animals should not in any way used at all. Wild animals should be seen with the same perspective as we see humans. No human will want their own people harmed for food, clothing or for other purposes. Wild Animals are free creatures and not objects made to be used. Humans are Ignorant and filthy. It is their greediness and selfishness that lead to suffering of wild animals. They should not be exploited. Global Wildlife populations have decreased by 68% since 1970.

There are many non-governmental organizations (NGOS) that promote wildlife safety and conservation, such as, The Nature Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Born Free Foundation, African Wildlife Defence Force and many more other NGOSs that help preserve wildlife and Its safety.

The major cause of the loss of wildlife is mainly deforestation, growth of population, agricultural development, pollution and many other reasons pose as threats to wildlife. Habitat destruction is the process by which a natural habitat becomes incapable of supporting its native species. Humans destroy habitat by many means such as mowing fields, cutting down trees, etc. A large part of the remainder of the terrestrial wildlife habitat in the US has been destroyed by roads and Development.

The safety and conservation of wildlife depends on forest protection, which will in turn protect the habitat, absolute limitation of legal hunting and capture of wildlife, to impose and enact serious penalties and consequences on exportation and importation of wildlife products And other similar illegal activities, and creating a basic perception Of the safety of wildlife at an international level.

The wildlife should be saved from all sorts of superstition. Due to superstitions a lot of animals are killed or hunted down.  This should be stopped by passing law from the government. Even the cruel activities performed by the humans for their entertainment with the animals should be banned from all the countries.  This can save many animals from getting killed and endangered. 

The world is a home to an immense variety of animals such as elephants, tigers, leopard etc. Tigers, Asiatic lion, Himalayan black bear, deer and antelopes are other examples of wildlife.

Despite the many environmental and geographical problems faced, the world is trying to ensure the safety of wildlife and their preservation and still has variety of wildlife.

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