A Speech on Money for Students In English

Speech on Money

Money is one of the essential factors in everyone’s life. We all need money to get everything from the smallest to the biggest things for ourselves and our loved ones. Money is also the cause of economic balance and growth in any country, resulting in advancement.

We all know that money is the most important element without which we can’t dream about anything in our lives. We all know about the importance of money and the various things money can do.  Needless to say, money is an important source of anything when it comes to either purchasing goods or availing any services from anyone. The importance of money is growing daily as our lives continue; money is also needed to enjoy the good things and live a comfortable life full of happiness.

Humans primarily invented and produced money as a common denomination for the trade and exchange of goods and services. In the previous days, money was the most needed thing and secondary to the ethical principles of a person in society.

We all agree with the fact that it is important to earn more and more money not only to lead a good and satisfying life but also to ensure the safety of our loved ones. In modern days, it is proved that money is required for emergencies such as accidents, natural calamities, etc. I believe that the desire and enthusiasm for earning more money makes a person competitive and agile in many fields.

We know that less money can meet your present needs but may not protect you from future mishaps or accidents. Therefore in our life, more money is certainly needed for an unseen and safe future.

No culture says you should overlook your responsibilities and duties towards your family members and become a sage. It is important that you do all your duties required for your family members as per your ability; for this, we need money.

In the economy of modern times, money can be found in various forms, such as paper, metals, plastic cards, e-wallets, traveler’s checks, coupons, etc. It’s, of course, the value that gives money its due worth in every case. Besides earning more money, one should also give proper attention to saving money for the future as an important task. 

One should always look for different methods to earn and save money. But you should never adopt illegal methods or indulge in crimes to earn money quickly. Illegally earned money may give you happiness for a short time but may later bring unhappiness. So we have to set targets for what is achievable for us. Thus, we should only focus on working hard and discharging our roles and duties towards our dear and near ones, society, and ourselves.

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Long and Short Speech on Money

Money causes the world to rotate and operate. Money meets our requirements while also providing us with pleasure and fulfillment. Money can provide us with everything, but it is not everything. Relationships should be valued more than money. Money is not as vital as people and our relationships with one another. Money should be used for societal improvement. Rich individuals should assist and appreciate the underprivileged. We should also instill the habit of saving in our children early. Money may help establish a strong, developed, and powerful nation when handled wisely and efficiently.

Short Speech On Money

I’ve come to make a speech on money. None of us can live in such a competitive culture and globe without money. We need money to satisfy our fundamental requirements, such as buying food and other necessities of life that are hard to get without it. Wealthy people with the property are seen as respectable and respected members of society. On the other hand, a poor individual is seen negatively and with no pleasant sentiments.

Money elevates a person’s social standing and aids in the creation of a favorable image. We all want to become wealthy by producing more money through commerce, a good job, a successful business, and so on, to fulfill all of the contemporary world’s rising wants. Money cannot buy or halt time, nor can it buy genuine love and care. Money cannot purchase time or love, but it can purchase happiness, confidence, contentment, and physical and mental well-being. Consequently, we may go about our everyday lives without difficulty and conquer even the most difficult challenges.

Speech on money in 150 words

Nobody can survive without money in today’s expensive, competitive culture and planet. We need money to meet our fundamental requirements, such as buying food and other basics that are nearly hard to obtain without money. Moreover, wealthy people with property are seen as honorable and respectable members of society, whereas the impoverished are regarded as hateful and untrustworthy.

Money elevates a person’s social standing and creates a favorable opinion. Therefore, we all aspire to be wealthy by earning more money through successful work or business to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern age. However, only a few people are allowed to realize their ambition of becoming a billionaire.

As a result, money is extremely important throughout one’s life. Everyone needs money, whether affluent or poor, living in cities or the countryside. Individuals in urban regions earn more money than people in rural or backward areas because urban dwellers have more access to technology and more opportunities due to easier access to resources.

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