A Speech on Travel and Tourism

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here. I feel extremely honoured to have been given an opportunity to voice my thoughts regarding travel and tourism with this gathering. Travel and tourism are two words that are often used together and we often hear these words in various contexts.

Travel and tourism is one of the biggest industries in the global economy and the revenue generated form this industry is quite high while compared to other industries across the world. The benefits of travel and tourism is not only limited to the economic factors but it has a wide range of benefits.

When the world is growing at such a fast pace it is important for the people to embrace different cultures, races and ethnicities. It is no longer the time when the the countries had a very few number of foreign nationals working for them or living there, now the scenarios have shifted and more number of people are settling in foreign countries, and it is important to have an understanding of the varieties of cultures and races to live harmoniously in a heterogeneous society.

Travel and tourism helps in understanding this as a country with an active travel and tourism industry will promote their culture which makes the world aware of the richness of their heritage. Also, travelling acts as a diversion from the mundane lifestyle that most of us have going on right now.

The excitement of exploring a new place, a new culture and getting to know another lifestyle will prove as an effective detour from the daily tiring lifestyle of ours. It is even said that travelling has healing qualities and it is suggested to travel around once in a while to let out some of the stress that one handles on a daily basis. Travelling and getting to know various people from various parts of the world will also make one very wise and intelligent.

Also, it is not necessary that travel and tourism should automatically refer to travelling to a foreign country; travelling within one’s own country will also prove to be very beneficial not only for the country’s economy but will also help one in learning and understanding the rich heritage and culture that one’s own country possess and slowly we will start developing a special place for our own land in our hearts.

Usually, when the talk of travel and tourism comes up most of us think of travelling to an exotic foreign location and this is because most of us have this fascination with foreign land when you might have the similar location in your country, it is only a matter of looking for it. This industry has not only contributed to the leisure factor but it provides jobs to a large group of people. The travel and tourism industry is the pillar of support for many families which completely on rely on it, like tourist guides, restaurants, home stays are some of the groups.

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