60+ Best Warfare Quotes and Sayings

War has become one of the global issues at present and it will be imperative to find its solution as soon as possible. It is really agonizing that in this 21st-century, individuals nevertheless choose war for solving their issues. While there is peace in the majority of the world, there are still several locations where wars still continue at present.

These types of conflicts have resulted in numerous refuges, claimed innumerable lives, and consumed a lot of money as well. Despite these conflicts, we have presented some of the best warfare sayings in this article which will help one to find solace.

Warfare Quotes and Sayings

  • We are going to continue the war at all expenses and we will be fighting on the beaches, on the landing grounds, in the mountains, and everywhere. We are never going to surrender.
  • Battle happens to be the most significant competition where a human can participate. It helps to bring out the best and makes one proud of oneself. Do not be afraid of war and perform your duties above everything else.
  • Being a soldier I hate war because I have seen its cruelty, brutality, and stupidity.
  • I advocate war only as a means of peace and nothing else.
  • Truth is valuable, super valuable.
  • Every single gun wishes manufactured, every missile which is fired, every warship which is launched, signifies that war is imminent. Be prepared for the war and do not be scared of it.

_What is really a cruel thing and it fills our hearts with sorrow instead of joy. It is something which robs us of our mental peace and we condemn it from the very bottom of our heart.

_War is nothing but cruelty and we should try to get over it as soon as possible. The sooner it is over the better.

_Our world has been now full of nuclear joints and we are more concerned about war than probably anything else. We know more regarding killing than saving human beings right now.

_War is not started by the military but by the politicians out there.

_Apart from concentrating on the negative expulsion of warfare, we should also take into consideration the positive confirmation of peace.

_The pygmies will be starting to fight once the war of the giants comes to see to an end.

_A new problem has not been created by the discharge of atomic energy at present. It has actually made the requirement of solving an already existing one more urgent.

_I am ignorant of the fact regarding what weapons World War III is going to be fought. However, I am sure of the fact that World War IV is going to be fought using stones and sticks.

_I am of the notion that killing somebody during a war is actually an act of murder.

_The most effective weapon that can be used against a foe will be another foe.

_Every single war is actually a huge folly. It is quite costly and also mischievous.

_A war is not going to be paid for during the wartime and the bills are going to come much later.

_It is not justified to kill somebody. And therefore, all the killers must be punished unless they are killing in huge numbers.

_You are going to die just like a dog in modern warfare without any proper reasoning at all.

_There is only one thing that can be done once there is a war. It has to be won. The reason for this is that defeat is going to bring something which is even worse.

_The reason for most of the wars at present happens to be undefended wealth.

_Although the expenses of freedom are usually quite high, the Americans always pay for it. Moreover, we are not going to choose one particular path and this happens to be the path of submission or surrender.

_It will be unjustified to assert that civilization does not advance. It is going to kill you in an innovative manner in every single war.

warfare quotes and sayings

_The war which is most successful does not pay for any losses.

_The most effective art of warfare will be to subdue one’s enemies without resorting to fighting.

_Not your enemy and know yourself. A hundred battles and a hundred victories.

_Warriors were victorious are going to win first and then they will head out for the battlefield. On the other hand, warriors who are defeated at first are going to the battlefield initially and then they will try to win.

_An Army is going to march on its belly.

_A little bit of perspiration is going to save lots of blood in the long run.

_One of the most effective methods of preserving peace will be to get ready for warfare.

_Every single warfare is going to be based on dishonesty.

_Patriots are the people who always think of sacrificing their lives for their own nations and they do not want to kill others for their own country.

_Every single patriot wants to die for his own country but does not want to kill his enemies for his own country.

_It is only possible to launch a war against any foreign nation only when the affluent classes think that they will be profiting from it.

_Instead of being an adventure, war is actually a sort of disease. It is similar to typhus.

_It is the poor individuals who are going to die when the war is waged by the affluent class.

_It is a good thing that war happens to be a terrible thing otherwise we would have started liking it.

_Many individuals and also inanimate objects are killed during warfare.

_There is nothing horrible like an unnecessary war out there.

_A water does not harm anybody except those who die because of it.

_During warfare you can either win or lose the battle. It is the only difference made by war at present.

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