125+ Famous War Quotes

Although the major parts of the world are experiencing peace at present, there are nevertheless some idiots where wars are being fought amongst the nations.

These types of conflicts have created many refugees, and many people have also lost their lives. In this article, we have provided the most well-known war quotes from famous personalities out there. 

Renowned Famous War Quotes

-My greatest desire is to see any kind of war be banished from the planet. – George Washington.

-As a soldier, I have witnessed war’s brutality, futility, and stupidity; therefore, I hate it. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

-We will defend our island irrespective of the expenses, and we shall combat on the beaches, streets, and fields. We will not surrender. – Winston Churchill

-I have only advocated war as a means of harmony.  – Ulysses S. Grant

-The older people are declaring war. However, the young people have to fight and meet their deaths. – Herbert Hoover

-During wartime, truth is extremely precious, and many lies should attend it. – Winston Churchill

-War happens to be an extremely cruel thing, and it fills our hearts with nothing but hatred rather than love. – Robert E. Lee

War Quotes

-Our world is full of ethical infants as well as nuclear giants. We are concerned more regarding war as compared to peace. – Omar N. Bradley

The military does not start-War. It is the politicians who are responsible for starting a war. – William Westmoreland

-The Great Society is considered among the most significant casualties of the Vietnam War. – Martin Luther King

-We can consider war to be a poor chisel that will help to carve out a peaceful tomorrow. – Martin Luther King

-Apart from concentrating on the war’s negative expulsion, we should also focus on the positive confirmation of peace. – Martin Luther King

-The pygmies will begin to fight once the war of the Giants ends. – Winston Churchill

-No new problem has been created by releasing atomic energy. It has made the requirement of solving an already existing one more urgent. – Albert Einstein

-I do not have any idea what weapons World War III will be fought with; however, it is a fact that World War IV will be fought using sticks plus stones. – Albert Einstein

-It will not be possible for you to simultaneously avoid and become ready for war. – Albert Einstein

-There had never been a bad peace or good war. – Benjamin Franklin

-All the wars are extremely expensive and extremely mischievous. – Benjamin Franklin

-One does not need to pay for the wars during wartime; however, the bill will come afterward. – Benjamin Franklin

-The most effective weapon against any foe is another fie. – Friedrich Nietzsche

-It will not be possible for you to assert that civilization is not progress … They are willing to kill you innovatively in every single war. – Will Rogers

-The war which is most successful is not usually paid for the losses. – Thomas Jefferson

-It will be folly on your part to believe that war cannot be considered to be a crime. – Ernest Hemingway

War Quotes

-You will die just like a dog in modern warfare without any good reason whatsoever. – Ernest Hemingway

-Only one thing can be done when there is a war. We need to win it. – Ernest Hemingway

-Undefended wealth happens to be the main reason for the wars out there. – Ernest Hemingway

-It will be imperative for mankind to put an end to warfare before warfare is able to finish mankind. – John F. Kennedy

-Although it is quite expensive to pay the price of freedom, Americans have been able to pay it. We shall never submit or surrender in any case. – John F. Kennedy

-One must not kill; consequently, all the killers will be punished in the long run unless they kill in huge numbers. – Voltaire

-You will not find any instance of any country which benefits from prolonged warfare. – Sun Tzu

-Know yourself, know your foe. A thousand victories in a thousand battles. – Sun Tzu

-The victorious warriors emerge as winners, and then they go to the battlefield. On the other hand, the defeated warriors go to the battlefield first, and then they try to win. – Sun Tzu

-Your primary objective for the war will not be to give your life for your own nation but to make the other hooligan give his life for his country. – George S. Patton

-Lots of blood can be saved by a small amount of perspiration. – George S. Patton

-It will not be a sensible idea to fight with one particular person for a long time since, in that case, you will be teaching him all your strategies for warfare. – Napoleon Bonaparte

-An army is going to march on its belly. – Napoleon Bonaparte

-The most effective way of preserving harmony is to prepare for war. – George Washington

-Fighting comes at the cost of his fellow man from a person’s desire to make a profit. – Napoleon Hill

-Even if we need to struggle for it, we will have peace. –

-You win or lose in battle, survive or die – and the difference is only a little. – Douglas MacArthur

-It is feasible to wage war against an alien nation when the affluent class thinks that they can gain from it. – George Orwell

-War only hurts those who die. – Salvador Dali

-Peace which is unjust, is better than a perfect war. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

-All fighting is based on trickery. – Unknown

-Instead of being an adventure, war is a type of disease. It is similar to typhus. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

-War doesn’t decide who’s right – only who’s left. – Bertrand Russell

-When war is waged by the rich, the poor suffer. – Jean-Paul Sartre

War Quotes

-It is good that war is so horrible; else, we would have loved it. – Robert E. Lee

-Time, as well as patience happens to be the 2 strongest warriors. – Leo Tolstoy

-I ought to study war and politics, and my sons are free to study philosophy and mathematics. – John Adams

-It is only the dead people who have witnessed the war’s conclusion. – George Santayana

-ten soldiers guided properly will be able to overcome a hundred men sans any head. – Euripides

-In case you perspire more in peace, you will be bleeding less in the war. – Norman Schwarzkopf

-War happens to be a defeat for humanity. – Pope John Paul II

-War is nothing but cruelty, and one should not try to reform it. In case it is crueler, it will be over sooner. – William Tecumseh Sherman

-At times, they are going to declare war, and none is going to come. – Carl Sandburg

-War is going to make thieves, and peace is going to hang them. – George Herbert

-The major daily queries will be settled by blood and iron, not by majority decisions and speeches. – Otto von Bismarck

-War will always take the good man and the cunning man only by chance. – Sophocles

-It would not be termed intelligence if it had been a fact.  – Donald Rumsfeld

-War will finish us if we do not finish it. – H. G. Wells

War Quotes

-A state of war exists only as a cover for national dictatorship. – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

-Once there is war, everybody learns to reside in falsehood, a new element. – Jean Giraudoux

-Sons are going to bury their fathers when there is peace. On the other hand, fathers are going to bury their sons when there is war. – Herodotus

-The only way to overcome an atomic war will be to ensure that it does not commence. – Omar N. Bradley

-I haven’t yet started fighting! – John Paul Jones

-Blood can be saved by perspiration. –  Erwin Rommel

-War happens to be a sequence of catastrophes that lead to victory. – Albert Pike

-Governments and rulers have often found it very easy to drive people to war. – Lester B. Pearson

-Instead of playing tug of war, I am going to play hug of war, where all are going to hug rather than a tug. – Shel Silverstein

-The cowards are at the most risk in a battle; bravery is a wall of defense. – Sallust

-Even though one might know the ways to be victorious, he might have no idea regarding how to make the best use of it. – Pedro Calderon de la Barca

-But, war isn’t the reply when our leaders can learn. – Helen Thomas

-War is a brave mask of terror. – William Westmoreland

-All men are brothers; therefore, every war is a civil war. – Francois Fenelon

-War is the creation of errors. – Barbara W. Tuchman

-Bayonets cannot create a long-lasting order. – Ludwig von Mises

War Quotes

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