Speech on Why Being Different Is Ok!

A warm welcome to each and everyone present here, It is my pleasure to join this gathering and to express my thoughts on the topic; Why is being different Ok? Let me start it off with the quote stated by an American writer Suzy Kassem that says, “Be yourself because an original is always more worth than a copy” this quote rightly fits today’s discussion.

Each and every human personality exists inside a framework of different qualities that is extraordinary to each and every person.

One should never wait for others to tell you how talented you are or how good you are doing with your life. What is more important is that you have to believe in yourself and have the confidence that being you as yourself is ok. In our present reality, we are being instructed progressively to fear ‘the other.’

We mark them as various so we can see them as inferior. We are implicitly, now and again, transparently empowered by individuals in amazing situations to ridicule others or cause them to feel they don’t have a place based on skin tone or actual incapacity or for basically having a contradictory perspective. Different is right. Being different can be acceptable.

It is not always required to be exactly just like your parents, it is ok if you don’t inherit all the qualities of your parents. It will turn the child into a better person than their parents; in this case, being different is ok. It is high time when we need to forget the praise; Like father! Like son! In that case, one should compel kids to appear as something else. However, where it counts, each child is remarkable, and keeping in mind that it’s our function to give them direction, it’s not up to us to direct their future.

It is crucial to remember nobody is you, and that is your capacity. Grasp what your identity is and love who you are on the fact that you’re never going to be any other individual. You need to acknowledge yourself for what your identity is and figure out how to allow your eccentricity to sparkle.

Be flawless. Rather than being embarrassed, be pleased. Be glad since you are being your own sort of excellent by basically acting naturally, not wearing a mask, and trying to be like others to fit in this society. Nobody can cut you down when you are glad for your identity. 

The journey might be tough, but it is not difficult. Once successful, the same people who called or tagged being unique as a weirdo will be full of praise. This is how society is, so stop comparing yourself with others, and tell yourself every day as you wake, I am unique, and that is ok. Start the day with a positive attitude.

With this, I would like to once again express my happiness for having me here today and hope this speech will be helpful in the coming days.

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