A Speech on Characteristics that Make a Person a Hero

Today we will discuss about the qualities or traits make a person a hero. According to some studies, the answer is hidden under the fact that in what type of heroism we are trying to address. According to some researchers the people who had engaged in only one act of bravery in their life (like rushing to save someone in a burning building or rescuing a person from the damage of an oncoming vehicle) are not those much important or different from the other groups of the normal persons.

But on the other hand, the special people who are all-time busy in lifelong duty of helping others (such as the nurses who all the time take care of the sick and dying people) do carry a number of some special qualities such as empathy, benevolence, and a good moral conduct. 

Heroism can be defined as, working or acting voluntarily to help the others who are in danger, need, whether it is for a single person, a group, or an entire community without any desire or expectation of reward or any personal gain.

The main characteristics of a hero can be depicted as bravery, conviction, courage, determination, helpful, honesty, inspirational, moral integrity, protective, self-sacrifice, selflessness and strength. A person who carries all these qualities we can definitely see him/ her as a hero.

According to some researchers, empathy, and compassion for the other people are the main points that contribute to the heroic behavior. People who try their best to help others in the face of any problem or danger and adversity do so because they really do care about the safety and well-being of other people of the society.

People who have the traits of heroism have the grave concern and care for the other people around them and they also try to feel what those in need of help are feeling.

Clearly, having the good physical ability and strength to the others with a crisis can also have a major role in the process of becoming a hero.

In situations where the rescuers lack the sheer physical strength to make a special appearance, people are more likely to find less number of ways to take any action. And in some cases, this approach is probably proves to be the best; after all, people without any thought rushing into a dangerous area can create even more problems for the rescue workers.

People who are well- trained and capable, such as those with proper training and experience, are more willing and capable to help when their help are needed.

To be a real hero it takes both skill and self-confidence to rush in the danger zone where others fear to tread. Researchers suggest that people who have the qualities of a hero they also the qualities like courage and confidence.

They have strong belief that they can handle the challenge and become successful no matter what the odds are. Part of this confidence might build from good coping skills and the special abilities to manage stress in a time of difficulty. They also have the ability to overcome fear.

In some cases, these people may have a higher mental tolerance for risk. Heroes keep working on their beliefs that with their small help many problems can be erased from our society.

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