101+ Latest Going Away Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Bidding adieu is one of the toughest things to do when the person leaving is close to your heart. Be it a friend or a colleague who is leaving the town for a better job or for another purpose; they deserve a perfect send-off from you!

Wipe away your tears and make they’re going away special by hosting a party for them as a part of their farewell.

Invite others too to the party to make they’re going away a bright event and a perfect send-off for their future. Here are some of the invitation wording ideas that will bring people to the party

Going Away Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Keep yourself free for the date as we hold a going away party for MR. Xyz and family, and I wish them all the luck for their future.
  • Bon, voyage to the Johnsons as they take up life in a different place far away from us. Let’s come together and make them feel how cherished their presence was between us.
  • Attention folks! As Mr. ABC leaves town for his new job, we hold a party to make his send-off special and happy. Do come.
  • You are cordially invited to the going away party for Johnsons so that they know how hard we love them back here!
  • As Alex has joined the Navy, he has to move. We have organized a Bootcamp party and want your presence! Please be there and wish him a happy journey in life ahead.
  • Johnsons are amazing people! You agree, right? Please do be there as we celebrate they’re going away and make them feel special.
  • Lend me your ears, please. It’s a surprise going away party for the Johnsons. Do come by and make the surprise bigger for them.
Going Away Party Invitation Wording

farewell invitation wording

  • Shhh! We have planned a surprise going away party for Miguel and his family. Do come by and wish them all the best for the rest of their life.
  • Special people deserve a special send-off. Miguel is the closest to all our hearts and hence we want his going away to be full of positive wishes for the future. Please attend the party.
  • Kindly free yourself and join us for a going away party for the Johnsons. Bring no presents, as all that matters on the day is your presence and nothing else.
  • Join us to bid them farewell and all the best for their future. Your presence at *the location* on the *date* is anticipated! Do come.
  • As the mild breeze of the season blows, come join us to make Adams feel special as he departs to another place soon!
  • You are important in Matt’s life! He would love to see you once before he leaves the place and settles far away for a bright future.
  • A family fun party was organized in the interest of farewell for Adams and his entire family! Be there right on time on the *date*
  • An evening toast to the friendship we have! Reach on time and make the farewell special for *name*.
  • Going away bash of *name* would be so incomplete without you. The bond you guys shared needs a perfect send-off. Reach *the venue* on the *date* right on time!

going away invitation wording

  • We host this party as a warm gesture of sending off our favorite man! Do attend and enhance the joy we extend to him.
  • As we invite you and plan this party for *name*. He/she doesn’t even know about it! Let’s come together and make it even bigger on the *date* at *the venue*.
  • Goodbye! Let’s make they’re going away special and come together to make them feel loved. See you on *the date* at *the location*.
  • After we had such amazing times for so many years, now we should hold back our tears and make the Johnsons feel happy! Let us come together and celebrate their farewell in the best way possible.

Tip- Kindly inform all the guests to avoid bringing any gifts as the guys will already have a lot to pack. Adding more weight to their baggage is unnecessary, and hence just their wishes will suffice and make them feel special on the farewell day. You can also plan for a group gift rather than collecting money from each present for the celebration.    

Every year that you have spent with the people who are leaving now has been special, and hence their send-off should be even more special. You can either inform them or plan for the party or on the other hand; you can plan a surprise going-away party with the help of some common mates or colleagues of the person.

What to write in a going away party invitation?

  • Tell them how important it is for you to spend the day with them 
  • Ask them to join and make your day better 
  • Let them know the theme if any 
  • Mention the fun activities they should be expecting 

How to respond to a going-away party invitation?

  • Congratulate them on starting a new life
  • Let them know how dearly they will be missed 
  • Thank them for including you in the party 
  • Mention that you would be glad to be a part of the celebration

Going Away Party Invitation Card Canva Templates

going away party invitation card canva templates

Right from the decorations and the food and drink, everything has to be in tandem to the likes and preferences of the person to whom the entire party is subjected to.

We have provided you with a list of invitation wording ideas that you can send out to the people to have them come together on the said date and venue of the going away party. Hope you organize a party worth remembering for the ones who are going away.

Going Away Party Invitation Wording


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