A Speech on “Is the government doing enough to tackle global warming?”

Global warming has become a major threat to the whole earth today. It is the rapid increase in the earth’s temperature due to greenhouse gases that are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. Out of these, carbon dioxide stays the longest in the earth’s atmosphere. I am here to address the question, ‘Is the government doing enough to tackle global warming?’. There are mixed opinions as to the measures the government takes to keep global warming in check. More than fifty percent of Americans say that the government is not doing enough to control the rising threats of global warming.

It is due to global warming that we experience extreme climates and vivid climatic changes. Many researchers have come up with findings and have asked the government to take stricter measures to clean water bodies, purify the air, reduce pollution, to protect open lands.

According to surveys, the younger generation is more concerned about the effects and horrors that global warming poses. It is important to educate everyone alike so as not to contribute to increasing its already existing dangers of it. The government should bring awareness to the people and help them reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other toxic substances by providing them with alternative measures. People are concerned about the climatic changes and are looking up to the government to take adequate control to leave the future generation with a better environment to live in. 

There are solutions to the problem, but still, there are people who are conveniently ignoring the situation. There have been awareness programs where they ask people to plant trees. Such things are not to be taken lightly. To a large extent, planting trees can help with reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Several environmentalists and activists have come together to run projects and campaigns to help put a stop to activities leading to global warming. They are looking forward to several developmental programs which, if implemented well with the cooperation of the public, will yield good results and help bring about a change. They are aiming at tropical forest protection, making the environment carbon-free, fossil fuel divestment movement, etc. they have asked all people to work together to bring a change.

According to various kinds of research, the effects of global warming that we experience now don’t come from recent activities. It is the result of activities that took place years ago. So imagine what the situation in the future would be, considering the amount of pollution that we are producing now. Before you do anything, think about how it will affect the environment. Use carpooling or public transportation instead of your vehicle. Put the environment at the top priority. Tell others about what we can do and the importance of carrying it out. Take a strategic approach and suggest new policies that will lead to the betterment of the environment. It is high time we move to better systems and take the problem seriously.

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