201+ Happy August Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Sing! (Images)

August, the month when the world seems to bloom with happiness, invites us to celebrate its vibrant spirit with open arms.

Happy August Quotes offer a treasure trove of words that resonate with the warmth and vitality of this season.

Whether you’re embarking on a new adventure, soaking in the summer sun, or simply relishing the joy of being alive, these quotes serve as a beacon of positivity.

As August unfurls its charms, let these quotes be your companions, inspiring you to embrace every moment, cherish the beauty of nature, and spread happiness to all those you encounter along the way.

Happy August Quotes

August is here, and I can finally ditch my winter clothes now! 

-The shining sun in the fields is no less than something surreal in August

-We love what stays for a short span! The good news is that the summer has stepped in with August!

-Nothing beats the ice cream and its tastes in the summer sun of August! 

-For summer babies like me, August is the best month on the calendar. 

-The air around feels a lot lighter today than a month ago! Welcome August. 

-The summer vacation days have come, and let’s plan a trip now. 

-TO all my friends in the contact list seeing this status – Please plan a summer outing; August is here! 

-The unfulfilled promise of spring is to be fulfilled by August in the form of summer. 

-When you say August, I hear summer! 

-Not every month in the country is as satisfying as August! It is a gem in a haystack full of rain and snow 😀

-They call the month of summer an illusion and I call it a beautiful one indeed. 

-Hey, do you see the scandanivian summer night is already going down! Live the summer night today.
-The freeze is coming soon and this is the final moment where you can stay relieved! I love August. 

-The sky looks different, the air smells mystic. The month of August makes the soul happy. 

-Drink the summer sun, the month of August calls for it! 

-The beer in the sun and chill with the fun! It all happens in summer the best than anytime else in the year! Enjoying August, are you? 

-I can finally go out without a coat and still be fine with it! Happy August for me 

-While we all love summer to enjoy, there are homeless people who love August as they don’t need a bed to keep them warm.

-Doesn’t it look like the sun is at its best in the month of August? I love it totally! 

-Not every month is as happy and bright as August! It brings the summer with itself, can it get any better? 

-To lay sizzled,the month of august has to turn griddled. 

-The monk who speaks wisdom also loves August more than the hyped December! 

-Maturity is when we understand that though December sounds like fun, the real fun is in August and the summer it brings with it!

– A calendar of my choice would have only August as all the 12 months in it! 

-The flowers of AUGUST and the birds of the summer all create a symphony of visual joy! 

-When the temperature feels rising, sweat beads start forming; check the calendar and it must be August already! 

-August- The only month when I enjoy the sun more than any time in the year. 

-Hello Summer, Hello August, and Hello, my favorite season of the year! 

-When the sun shines bright in August noon, can you think of snow? 

-Loneliness for me is when the sun goes out in August and summer, leaving behind the memories of winter in darkness! 

-If you have seen the summer of America, you have seen the best of the place for sure! 

-The summer is delightful in August. The summer of joy is here! 

Happy August Whatsapp

Some special people are lucky to have been born in August! 

-August is HERE! Birthday month is definitely the favourite month of the calendar for one and all! 

-When you wake up to find that the month of birthday and gifts is here, you fall in love with it! I love August. 

-Someone who makes my living worthy is born in August 

-My daughter’s birthday month is here, she is a gift from August to me! 

-Just like the summer sun that brightens up every gloom, my august born son lights up my heart with joy!  

-Happy birthday, just like August and summer, your birthday is limited too! I am sorry 😀 Have a great day! 

-People born in August are more intelligent than others. Oh, btw this is my birthday month too. 

-August is the month when we harvest; everything new adds value this month, so did my birth add value to your life? Reply me! 

-The summer dream had you instead! Wishing my friend a very happy birthday, hope he sees the status 😛

-Take the bouquet of summer flowers, dear summer baby! 

-Every year, I remember you when it’s August because the birthday treat seems to be pending! 

-On this August day, we wish you a very happy birthday full of happiness and immense joy! 

-Life is so colorless without the birthday month, and yours is this month of August!

-August was never so special unless you came in life and your birthday comes in the month!  

-Wake up, it’s August already! Go and start collecting your gifts, buddy! Happy birthday, month!!

-Queen lioness born in the month of August, you rule my heart, darling! 

-August born have a special quality- The quality of winning over people.

-Is every August born so beautiful, or are you just an exception? Happy birthday _______.  

-You never planned it, but you are a lioness from the time you were born in the month of August. 

-Dear August born, you have the best chance of celebrating your birthday in the summertime! Enjoy! 

-Only queens are born in August 

-Keep calm, August is my birthday month, and it is here! 

– Can’t keep calm; August is here, my birthday is here, and gifts are still nowhere! 

-The fire in August born is as bright and comforting as the summer sun itself! 

-What fills my heart with joy is that those born in August can actually go on a summer day trip without worrying about the weather! 

-Have a great August birthday, sweetheart! 

-Let misfortunes and all wrong things take a pass, your birthday month of August is now just around us! 

Funny WhatsApp Quotes for August 

Happy August Whatsapp

-It is summertime in August; are the zombies more active now than in winter? Just asking! 

-Can we go on a camping trip in August? I am not taking “NO” for an answer! 

-Now that even August is here would my crush finally shine on me with love like the sun? 

– Summer is here, August is here, and off-season discounts too 😀

-I never said August summer and great weather are at fault for my beer finishing quickly. I just blamed it directly! 

– Can we really NOT HAVE offices and work in August? I mean, this is the time to go off for summer camps 😀 

-I was not in love, but now I have a summer date! Blame the weather, mates! 

-August is rare, just like my wit! 

-Embrace August with style, or else the winter awaits you with blatant cold waves.

-What is August? The month after July! Stop overcomplicating answers and get a life, please! 

-Another August and Another summer of life wasted staying home and checking out everyone else’s WhatsApp status

-In August, you fall in love with your car or bike! The ride feels perfect

-Can we keep all the hard work for other months on the calendar? August is so meant only for holiday

-August- The month where sun recharges you and boss upsets your with zero increment 

-August is rewarding! I just got my credit card bill with added charges for too many ice creams!

– Laugh and smile, no one else is free to say these things to you in August. Everyone has plans! 

-Even though August is the 8th month of the year, it often feels like the perfect midpoint of the calendar! 

-Refreshing summer feels even better when you are with your boys than with your soul mate! 

-Beer on the beach in August or a pool office meeting?

-In August, is there even a single meeting with friends without a beer and pizza? 

-Is it legal to be unhappy in August? None should be allowed to be unhappy in Summer! 

-When the name of the month has the same initials as your name, it’s special.

– Do you even realize if you don’t have fun in the summer month of August, you have to wait one entire year! 

-Deal with your August responsibly 

-The August month begins with nothing for me, I hope to have most of nothing till the end

-Not every August will have a lockdown and covid-19 restrictions or protocols 

-Good things happen in August- Said someone who never believed in the entire calendar

-The reverse countdown of New Year’s Eve should begin in August! NYE is just five months away! 

-Take an oath and quit drinking beer in August. What? Sounds funny? ROFL

General August Quotes for WhatsApp

Happy August Whatsapp

-As soon as August kicks in, the summer dog days are calling for me and my pet!

-Serene walks through the calm roads in the summer at noon, welcome home, August!

-Are you all ready for the National Night Out Day in August? I have my torch all charged up

-August is fun! You celebrate police awareness and beer day back to back this month!

-You have a great smile, probably the best contender for National Smile Week in August

-Are you sad or happy? We are 5 months away from New Year and 6 months have already passed in this year..

-Why does August feel like abode? The warmth of the sun and the activities that make you happy are the reasons! 

-August- Celebrating vacay mode of Americans since inception! 

-Set all your travelling plans correctly because when August arrives, you can’t be at home!!

-The toil of the year is refreshed by the summer vacations of August

-The skin, hair and body, everything falls in shape and shine when August arrives with Summer

-Of all the months in a calendar, August is my homie forever!

-Let there be summer let there be a bit more of August

-When life throws a toil on you, pray for August vacations to arrive soon

-There is no escaping hard work, the year ends in 5 months! Set your goal in August and earn it by December! 

-Keep calm and drink beer to celebrate the best event of August- International Beer day! 

-Dear friends, please do not hesitate to send across a gift of beer on the first friday of this august! If you know, you know! 

-August is a tribute to the power of youth in a society! Celebrate the youth, earn the fun!

-Planning a family summer vacation holiday trip. Any family on my list who is reading this?

-It has always been the scene with me that when August arrives, I shift my workspace to the beach!

-The lost souls confide themselves in the warmth of the summer sun in August! 

-Even National Honeybee Day is in August! You gotta be thankful to the bees, man! 

You ever tried beach cocktails in the heat of August? If not, please delete my number 😐

-When was the last time I enjoyed nature? It was the “last summer”! Have a great August.

-August has great importance in Asia as it marks the month of freedom for them

-Not every month has the same essence; August is different from December and still, both are my favourites! 

-Is there someone on my WhatsApp list who doesn’t like the August summer? If yes, please never talk to me again! 

-August is Gold! Memories of childhood when I walked the park holding father’s hands are deeply etched in August.

-If August goes right, the remaining 5 months should easily roll by! 

-Unlocking the summer heat and bag full of happiness. Courtesy- August month! 

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