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The toughest part in life is when someone is moving on with something in life without achieving it.

We understand the emotion and the mental turmoil and hence have collated a list of amazing WhatsApp statuses on moving on in life. Check out- 

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moving on life quotes and Status

  • Life is all about moving on to a better option! Do you agree with me? 

  • Staying put to one thing would hurt you; move on and be happy 

  • All that matters at the end of the day is whether I am happy or not!

  • I moved on, I have a life, and that life is priceless! 

  • My happiness is not only limited to me but also goes to people with whom I connect! I cannot risk staying hung on you forever and being sad all the time! 

  • Goals change, people change, and so I changed myself too! It is time to move on 

  • When the much-loved person doesn’t care about your feelings anymore- you better move on 

  • What good would it do if I cried all day for what I missed in life? It is better to aim for the next and give my best! 

  • I was trying to achieve my goals the hard way. I realized that letting go and taking the easy route is the key to success actually!
  • Can we never meet another time and move on like two strangers at an airport?

  • It was tough, it was tolling, it was hurting, but eventually, it was worth it! I moved on and became a happier version of myself 

  • Sometimes when you feel holding on is the option, maybe letting go is the easier choice, and that is totally worth it 

  • The sadness that my heart bore when I was hung on my ex was deterring my mental health. I chose to move on, and now I live my life

  • All the pain that I took for you was never worth it, I should have moved with the one who wanted me. 
  • My heart was bleeding from holding on to a pain that never belonged to my body; moving was never easy but totally worth it! 

  • We human beings have this bad habit of holding on to our inhibitions, aspirations, and thoughts without reason! Just let go and live! 

  • Failures are sad but tying yourself down with the weight of a defeat will lead you nowhere! Move on brother 

  • In life, all that we can do is change our focus and only concentrate on what makes us happy! You can actually skip everything else 

  • I know you are going through a tough phase in life, but remember the good days come when you leave these bad feelings behind 

  • I have been living a life with depression only because I never moved on in life. You have time, do not make the same mistake

  • It takes you just one day to start it all! Just one day to get going with life without regrets and love what you do.
Moving On Life Quotes

life moving fast quotes

There is no doubt that times are fleeting. We may seem to have a lot of time left for us, but that is merely an illusion. These “time moving fast” quotes will undoubtedly be perfect for you if you have realized this.

  • The key to success in life is learning to let go and move on to something greater. Are you in agreement with what I have to say?

  • You won’t find true happiness by clinging to a single path; you need to move on.

  • At the end of the day, the only thing that really counts is whether or not I can call myself happy.

  • I went on, and now I have a more valuable life than anything you could ever give me.

  • Not only do I contribute to the pleasure of others with whom I interact, but their joy is directly proportional to mine as well! I can’t take the chance of being constantly miserable by being attached to you for the rest of eternity.

Caption for “move on in life.”

Life is often full of hurdles and heartbreaks. But we cannot stay hung upon on our misfortunes. So here are some of the best ways to caption for “move on in life” posts.

  • Since my goals changed and the people around me evolved, I also needed to adapt. It is time to move on and forget about this.

  • When someone you care deeply about stops being concerned about how they make you feel, it’s time to let go and go on.

  • What would be the point if I sobbed myself silly all day over the things I haven’t done in life? It is in my best interest to work toward the next goal and do my very best.

  • I was working towards achieving my objectives in the most challenging manner possible. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that the secret to achievement is really in letting go and choosing the path of least resistance.

  • Is it possible that we may never cross paths again and that we will have to go our own ways like two strangers at an airport?

Move on status for WhatsApp.

We may encounter a lot of misfortunes in our life. However, we must move on from the negative aspects and be hopeful. Thus, we have some “move on” statuses for WhatsApp.

  • It was difficult, exhausting, and painful, but in the end, it was well worth it! I put the past behind me and worked to become a more upbeat version of myself.

  • When you are faced with a situation in which you believe that hanging on to something is the best decision, there are instances when letting go of that something could be the more straightforward choice, and doing so is absolutely worthwhile.

  • My mental health was suffering directly from the grief that my heart experienced whenever I was hooked on my ex. I decided to move on, and now I’m living the life I’ve always wanted.

  • It was never worth all of the anguish that I went through for you; I ought to have gone on with the person who desired me.

  • Moving on was never easy for me, but it was indispensable since I was hanging on to a pain that had nothing to do with my body. My heart was ripped apart because of this.

Move on about for WhatsApp

The most challenging part about life is to move on in spite of all problems and backlashes. Thus, we have come up with some of the best “move on” About for WhatsApp.

  • We, humans, have this terrible propensity to cling to our inhibitions, goals, and ideas for no good reason! Just let go and enjoy your life!

  • It’s disheartening to experience defeat, but allowing yourself to get bogged down by the burden of a loss will get you nowhere. Brothers, it’s time to move on.

  • Changing our perspective and putting all our energy into things that bring us joy are the only things under our control in this life. You may, in fact, disregard the preceding material.

  • I know that you are going through a challenging time in your life, but try to remember that the good times will come when you finally put these negative sentiments in the past.

  • Because I never progressed in life, I have been living a life filled with despair. The sole reason for this is that I have never moved on. You have time, do not repeat the same mistake.

Move on with your life.

No matter what happens in life, we must never give up on our dreams and aspirations. It would be best if you permanently moved on with your life. We have crafted 5+ quotes that may motivate you.

  • You can get everything up and running in only one single day! Just one more day to live your life without looking back with regrets and to find work that you are passionate about.

  • Stop ruminating on the things that went wrong in the past since it is something you can’t alter.

  • Opportunities will continue to present themselves to you; all you need to do is be open to embracing them when they do.

  • Since we do not possess a time machine that would allow us to travel back in history and correct our problems, we must instead focus our efforts on improving the future by making progress in the here and now.

  • As you get farther in life, you will realize that the objectives you have set for yourself are becoming ever more challenging and satisfying.

Powerful WhatsApp status for moving on in life

  • Losers cry; real men move on!

  • Listen, dude, if it was meant to happen, it would never have ended! Now that it has ended, move on to the best.

  • Your mind is a slave to your emotions. Make your emotions more dynamic so that you can move on

  • Everything that you lay your eyes on cannot be yours. Be it that girl or a car or your life goal; sometimes you just need to move on!

  • One step each day, and the first step is where you kick off your mental luggage and move up!

  • What went wrong in the past is something you cannot change; stop thinking about it 
  • Opportunities come again and again; you just need to be open to them!

  • We don’t have a time machine to go back and fix our woes, instead, we can work today for a better future 

  • As you keep moving on in life, you will see you are achieving bigger and better goals 

  • The only thing that is stopping you from being rich is your affair with your past! Focus on today and move on! 

  • When I let go of my past, I moved into a beautiful future.

  • When we deal with stress in life, we tend to cling to it. Stop overthinking and move on!

Moving On Life Quotes
  • Every soul has some pain, but what makes us human is the ability to work hard, forget the pain and move on in life 

  • Stagnation kills and starves you while moving ahead keeps you alive and kicking. YOu make a choice! 

  • When you know something/somebody is only there to give you pain, you should consciously move on.

  • Being happy is a choice I made by moving on in life! What are you waiting for? 
  • Your past is a great material to study and ace in the tests of the future!

  • The successful human being moves only in one direction- FORWARD

  • No matter how amazing it was, if it is in your past, then it was not worth it, and hence it couldn’t make itself a part of your future 

  • You don’t drag jokes; why drag your past and ruin your present? Move on and chill! 

  • Play with your future by staying attached to your past. I hate the game already! 

  • The happiness and liberation you will feel after moving on in life is the biggest motivation 

  • My life road map has only “go head” direction, so I guess I only have to move forward 😀

  • Staying attached to a painful past evokes guilt, and guilt kills confidence. Now imagine dealing with life with zero confidence; it is better to move on!

  • I am moving on in life from today. Will you join me?

  • Keep your head held high; the chapters of life which are closed are better closed for a reason

  • Going forward in life is the only success formula that shall remain constant forever

  • I choose to move on, I choose well-being and happiness over depression and gloom!
Moving On Life Quotes


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