secret Santa invite wording: 124+ Wording Ideas to Write

Secret Santa is also known as Kris Kringle in many parts of the world, like Ireland and Canada. The Secret Santa is a famous tradition of secretly exchanging gifts during the time of Christmas.

No matter by which term the ceremony is named, it is still played the same way worldwide. However, the Kris kringle invite messages should be exciting, a little more fun, and creative.

We do get you ready with some examples to make your task easier. Here we have gathered around some Kris kringle invite message examples.

secret Santa invite wording

Just have a look. Your secret Santa has kept such a fantastic gift for you. Come and receive the special present that will be worthy of you.

His reindeer have been his guide and helped him in finding my house. But do you have to guess where your present is? To get the answer come and drop yourself at my house.

Merry Christmas to all my people. Here we are keeping all the gifts that Santa has kept for you all. Don’t miss the Kris Kringle at any cost.

The best gift from the Kris Kringle event will win the competition. So don’t lag; come and take your gifts and make this event worthy and memorable.

The fresh winter is here, and Santa is near. Don’t take my name and be the culprit to spoil the game. You are dearly invited to see your Secret Santa. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Santa visited early this year with lots of cheer. Hurry up and check under his tree; I am sure you will have a bright smile with glee. Come fast and join us in the happy Kris Kringle ceremony.

This special gift is for a special person. Maybe this can be yours also. Hurry up and visit us on the Kris Kringle evening, but you can’t know my name.

 I am your Secret Santa this year. Your package is under the tree. Come and guess your gift and my name, which is a mystery.

Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells. Jingle all the way. There’s your gift wrapped under a tree. It could be your Secret Santa coming on his way; trace his name if you may.

It’s this year’s Secret Santa’s little note for everyone. Come and collect yours and guess our Kris Kringle’s name. Join us soon.

You are cordially invited to join us at the Kris kringle festive season organized by us this year. The party is on the next week before we leave for any vacation. So do join us.

It’s a fantastic gift for you. It’s from this year’s Kris Kringle; keep guessing who! Christmas is going to be much more exciting for you too.

A day will come when you will know about Secret Santa, but this time, you should know about the present I left for you. Let’s smile and wish one another a very Merry Christmas.

Even God has many secrets. So why should I not? I have kept our gift aside, so come fast, and this gift from your Secret Santa will make you jolly.

It’s very tough to guess because everyone knows you best. I am successful in bringing your favorite gift to you. So make your guessing power strong.

Any guesses? Hopefully no! Keep trying; who can be your Secret Santa this year? There is not any boat. It just has a Secret Santa gift with a lovely and magical note. 

Please join us at the Secret Santa giveaway ceremony this week at John’s place. With you all, the party will be more interesting and exciting.

We would be grateful if you and your family could join us at the Kris Kringle ceremony at Robin’s café. Secret Santa has kept so many gifts. Come and choose yours.

I am happily dancing as I have wrapped all your gifts tight and have taken my flight. Here come the most exciting Secret Santa days, for which we all wait throughout the year.

You and your families are invited to come and be a part of our Kris Kringle ceremony. The event will be very exciting and memorable. You can enjoy your heart out with us.

I am sure you have never been to any Kris Kringle event like this. Come and disclose the gift that Secret Santa has kept for you this year.

The winter days and the Secret Santa days are almost here. This year our Secret Santa has brought cheerful presents for all of you. Come and show us your gift and distribute yours.

It was my dream to be your Secret Santa at least once in this life. And here I am. Do come and see your valuable present from me.

My friends are all excited about this year’s Kris Kringle event. I am sure you will love the ceremony, and I can’t wait to see your smiles all the way.

Cookies and cakes are waiting for you all. The Kris Kringle is here, and I can’t wait to enjoy the event with you all. Do come and don’t be late.

The Secret Santa is waiting for you all. The gifts are already kept under the tree, and you are invited to do the checking.

When you open the gift, you will know who your Secret Santa is this year. So come and join us at the merrymaking Kris Kringle ceremony with us.

Secret Santa invitation wording sample:

Secret Santa and similar games allow a group of people to exchange gifts among themselves. The Christmas season is so busy already; attending numerous holiday events to hosting one in between is a lot of struggle.

The wording that you put in the secret Santa invitation is the key to welcoming more guests. Secret Santa is a kind of westernized concept, and since Christmas is the season of giving and merrymaking, this special tradition adds to its splendor.

Here are a few examples of Secret Santa invitation wording samples.

It is the season of secret Santa. Join us for an evening of snacks, dance, and drinks. The event is at John’s home on Friday, December 15th, at 7 pm. Don’t be late.

 There will be a kind of mysterious gift-giving ceremony on the occasion of Christmas, which is the next week. Join us and enjoy the ceremony. Please note that gifts should cost no more than $16.

It’s a request to keep this secret. You will find out every secret solution once you join our group at the secret Santa gift-giving party hosted by Mauve and Steve on December 19th.

A grand secret Santa party is exclusively planned for our favorite people. You are invited to be a part of our happiness and exchange gifts and wraps. Don’t miss the event.

Silence!!! You are cordially invited to come and join us at the Secret Santa gift exchange ceremony that I host for the first time in my life. Please come and be with us as we celebrate the part.

Visit Candy Cane Lane on December 12th to get the biggest surprise ever in your life. One hint that I can give is you know that this is the Christmas season. So, don’t miss the gathering.

The Santa season is here, and it’s not too far. Speed up your gear and come to cheer. You are invited to join us at the secret Santa celebration, which will be celebrated at my place on December 13th at 6 pm.

A small present for you is already chosen aside. Please come and guess the secret Santa among us. You will find the event worth it.

Christmas is near, and you need here to cheer. It’s time to have fun. Come, and we have a gift for you to wonder about.

We won’t tell you what kind of gift we have purchased for you. You have to guess who has given the gift to you. We will be the happiest to see your presence.

Christmas is the time to share happiness. Let us enjoy some rounds of laughter, merrymaking, and a small secret Santa note. Merry Christmas to you.

Christmas brings lots of gifts and presence. Let this Christmas be as special as our bond. We can’t miss you. Keep guessing who will be the secret Santa this year among us.

It will not be easy this time to guess your Secret Santa this year. I am much sure that you will love Secret Santa this year as much as we do. Keep guessing your guesses.

Everyone loves a surprise and especially when it is time for Christmas. Hopefully, you are guessing it right. You are invited to make the secret Santa ceremony fun.

Sometimes it takes a toll on our guessing power to guess who will send us gifts. You are expected to come and enjoy with us at my place’s Secret Santa ceremony gathering.

I have a gift for you, and I will give that to you at the Secret Santa event at my residence on December 26th. The time of the event is 6 pm. And you can’t be late.

Everyone needs a fresh mojito, but if Santa is late, we all will be sad. So prepare yourself to get your surprise reward and bring one too. You cannot be late and miss the exciting event.

I will not disclose the gift soon. You have to come and try to guess the sender of the gifts. Till then, guess, “Who is your secret Santa?”

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all my lovely people. Here the Secret Santa comes with your gift to make your Christmas more delightful. 

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