Shop Opening Invitation Wordings: 151+ Best Messages

When a company or a different brand or any other retail outlet reaches a certain level of success, the subsequent step is the business’s expansion.

Growth or expansion is something that each and every entrepreneur dreams about even before going ahead with their respective business ideas.

What to Write in a Store opening Invitation?

  • Inform when the store is going to open
  • Mention that it is important for them to attend
  • Don’t forget to ask for blessings from the elders
  • Invite them to be present for the big day
  • Make sure that no one leaves until the food is served

So, in context, opening a store is very much a part of business expansion, and paying by the rules of inviting people for the opening has always been positive marketing. However, writing the invitations yourself can take up much of your precious time. 

New Store Opening Invitation messages

Shop Opening Invitation

We have been waiting for such a long time to make our dream come true. And today, the time has already come.

After years of hard work, shedding so much sweat, and determination, we have finally been successful in opening our very own store. Achievements like these are always overwhelming and are a moment of immense pride.

☆ It is mandatory to spread such positivity, encourage others to fetch their dreams and make them come true, and share the joy with everyone.

  • With all your love being poured on our company for years, we have finally opened up a new branch at (location). Come and check out the new collections and shop like crazy.
  • Once again you have put your trust towards us and for that you are being rewarded with an invitation to come at the moderately grand opening of our new store. The big day is on (date) at (location).
  • We all require some renovations occasionally, so why shall our store shy away from it. Hence, you are being cordially invited to attend the opening of our newly renovated branch on (date) at (Location).
  • (Company name) is extremely glad to announce the opening of our state-of-the-art clothing store on (date). You are welcome to be amongst the special ones who get to check our new store.
  • Our guts told us that maybe our loyal customers are in need for another one of our stores to be installed. So here we are, inviting you to attend the opening of (store name) on (date) at (location).
  • People are the most important aspect and (company name) has always profoundly believed that. Thus, we’ll be expecting your support when we launch our new business store on (date) at (location).
  • We don’t know whether our company’s new business store will prove commercial or not but we do know that our customers will experience something like never before. Please be there at the opening on (date) at (location).

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  • The forces working for our company has compelled us to reach towards the valley of growth. So, we are going to open another outlet on (date) at (location). You are welcome to attend the opening.
  • Our Company’s only strategy is taking risks, hence we didn’t think twice about opening a second footwear store for you all. So come down at the opening on (date) and enjoy the first day discounts.
Shop Opening Invitation
  • A celebration is due because our business has completed 5 years with you. Thus, we are going to honor this wonderful occasion with a new retail outlet opening on (date). Please be with us in our celebration.
  • After being 10 years at the business, it is clear that growth is not by a mere chance. We have listened to your demands and proudly welcome you to our outlet opening on (date) at (location).
  • They say everything in life should be grandly celebrated and believe us when we say that there is a grand Re-opening of our Lee Automobile store on (date)). We will await your presence at (location).
  • It is nothing but a pleasure to announce you that (name) art and gift shop have found its way with a new store at (location). Come and enjoy the opening day special giveaways on (date).
  • With the Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, we have exceeded ourselves for our new outlet opening day celebration. You’re invited to attend the celebrations on (date) at the store itself (location).
  • Out of all our unsuccessful ventures, you, our regular shopper became our strengths. That is the reason why we have dedicated our new food mart to the customers itself. Join us on the opening day i.e. (date).
  • In these years, we’ve never relied on numbers but did what we do best which is to build a happy and loyal customers. So bring on those smiles as we are launching a new store on (date) at (Location).
  • We want to invite you to attend an opening of a new store of (brand name) and be among the first to preview clothes design on (date) from (time and location). Food and beverages will be served.
  • The pleasure would be ours if you could join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the opening of (company name)’s new outlet. We will expect your presence on (date, time, location).
  • Hey, it’s time to celebrate because your very own (brand name) has cemented its place at the newly opened mall in (location). Do join us for the opening day celebrations on (date).
  • The hurdles we’ve faced were nothing but a gift because that’s the only way our business has grown enough to open yet another store. You’re invited to attend the opening on (date) at (location).
  • Complying with the business rules set by others can inhibit growth. Hence, we broke the pattern and are launching a new books store on (date) at (location). Come and avail the opening day discounts.
  • The wait is over and your favorite fashion outlet is set to have another destination at (location). We would like to cordially invite you to visit us in the opening day which is (date). 
  • Oh the pleasure would be completely ours if you could spare some of your valuable time and join us for the opening of our new fashion outlet on (date) at the (location). Enjoy the cocktails and discounts.
  • Your personal health care family is growing and are about to open up a new medical store at (location). We would be honored to see you at the inaugural ceremony on (date).
  • The support of our consumers has led us to launch yet another department store at (location). So let us cordially invite you for the grand opening on (date). Your presence would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Amidst the profits and loss, the only thing that matters is the direction we are moving. Speaking about moving, we will soon extend our branch at (location). Come and be a part of the grand opening on (date)
  • (Brand name)’s Cake Shop will soon create a station at your place. The grand opening will be held at the new store itself and we’d like to have your presence on the big day i.e. (date & location).
  • On the eve of our store’s grand opening day, please bless us and support us with your presence. We’ll have sophisticated cocktails and first-day discounts lined up for you on (date) at (location).

New Shop Opening Message to Customers:

Shop Opening Invitation

Strategies are an important tool to be skillful with when you start any business. The first and foremost is advertising.

It is very important to spread awareness about what you aim to do or what you have started to gain everyone’s support, encouragement, and lots of love.

It is only with the motivation that you strive to seek the better and brighter to improve yourself and your most esteemed work. Send many messages to various customers about your new shop opening venture!

  • We hope to see you all soon at our store. We shall be eagerly waiting for your valued presence.
  • This is a new venture for us. We need a lot of support from all of you to grow a brighter business soon.
  • It is just the beginning, and we need tonnes of encouraging words from you to do better. Thank you for all the love you’ve already showered upon us.
  • We have worked hard to open this new store. It means the world to us.
  • We hope we shall receive immense support and encouragement from all of you. Expecting a lot from all of you!
  • This would not have been possible without your faith in us, endless advice, and lots of trusts you bore for us!
  • To all the valuable advice from so many of you, thank you is not enough. The new store is finally up!
  • The trendiest collection is now available at our very store. Do visit and buy as much as you can!
  • It is time to get rid of all the old clothes and put your hands into some very exciting collections and offers!
  • Thank you for all the love. This store is very precious to us, and this wasn’t possible if we did not have your support!
  • Nothing is possible without your support and faith in our abilities and every bit we try to do for all of you!
  • You trust our work, and we trust you. Thank you for all the blessings you selflessly poured upon all of us!
  • This is not our victory, but it is ours. We have collectively won this. Thank you for trusting us!
  • We have put a lot of hard work and dedication into creating this store. Do not disappoint us. We trust you!
  • Everything we proceed with, we do for you, keeping in mind your choices and preferences. Thank you for being by our side!

Shop Opening Message to Customers:

Shop Opening Invitation

It is very important to have people by your side when you start something new, something different, and for the good of others as well. It works to your benefit when people offer valuable suggestions, support your efforts, and guide you toward better ideas and strategies.

Being loving and approachable to your customers on opening a new store is the primary step towards witnessing profits and running a smooth business.

☆ Never disappoint the people for whom you opened your new store!

  • It was not easy for us to take this huge step. But we are highly glad to have your full support. Thank you, dear customers!
  • With the Almighty’s gracious blessings, we hope to never disappoint you. This new store is very special for us!
  • Thank you for never leaving us alone. Your taste, preferences, and suggestions helped us a lot!
  • We have opened a new store by the lane. Please do visit and drop in your suggestions too!
  • We would highly value your presence at our new store. It would be an honor to host you!
  • We are delighted to announce the opening of your new store. We have been working for years, and today, it is finally up!
  • Come. Buy. And leave our store as the happiest and most satisfied customers! We are here to help you and fulfill your needs.
  • Once you visit our store, you shall come back again to avail of our most valuable offers. It is all for you.
  • We thrive because of you. All types of suggestions are welcomed. We shall entertain all your queries too!
  • This is a very new venture, but we promise to provide the finest services to keep you happy. Do visit us soon!
  • We are overwhelmed to inform you that our new store is running beautifully. We would be extremely happy to see more customers and welcome them with warm hearts!
  • Customer care and services are our top priority. Our store is for you and because of you. Do visit our new store!
  • We believe in offering the most reasonable offers at the cheapest rates. Do not forget to visit our new store!
  • This is an open invitation to everyone to visit our newest store. We have the most amazing deals, a classy collection, and a lot more!
  • It would be an honor for us to welcome all our customers and offer them small tokens of gratitude for our newest store!

New Shop Opening Invitation Message:

Shop Opening Invitation

When you start something new, share and spread the joyful news to one and all. This is because when people bless you with prosperity, goodness, and well wishes, you grow more in life, achieve the brighter and better joys of life, and stay the happiest.

☆ While if people do not wish for the best for you, you are never harmed. Instead, you are blessed by the Almighty above you, watching you with a big smile on His face.

  • Sending you good wishes, and thanks for being by my side always. Please do visit us at our new store!
  • We shall be eagerly and most earnestly waiting for your presence at the opening party. Do come!
  • I am grateful to the Almighty for giving me friends like you. Will be waiting for all of you to join me at the opening party of my new store!
  • Good times are because of good people like you. Thank you for helping me with my business!
  • With a heart filled with gratitude and happiness, I invite you and your family to the opening ceremony of my new store!
  • Thank you for always wishing the best for me and doing your best to help me. It means the world to me! Come to the opening ceremony!
  • This is to inform you that my new shop will commence all its activities and functions from tomorrow. I invite all of you to visit us!
  • Your presence is lucky for us. Please come to the opening ceremony of my new shop!
  • This new venture will not be easy at all. But I am willing to do it with your help and guidance. Hope to see you at the opening ceremony!
  • My new shop is opening soon. Hence, inviting all of you to the venue! Do not miss it.
  • I request all of you to visit my new store at the earliest and get your hands on the most amazing offers and items!
  • This new shop means the world to me. I would be happy to see you all at the opening ceremony tomorrow!
  • The little joys of life get bigger and brighter when shared with everybody else. I invite all of you to my new store opening tomorrow!
  • I hope to see you all at the new store opening, which is scheduled for Sunday. This is going to be extremely exciting!
  • Tomorrow has to be the most special day of my life. My wish has come true. See you all at my new store opening!

How to Invite Friends for Opening a Shop:

Shop Opening Invitation
  • It is important to let your friends know of the gravity and significance of the new shop for you.
  • Tell them how it is a dream-come-true moment for you that you’ve finally earned after tonnes of hard work and sleepless nights.
  • Send them brief notes about your new store’s details, the items, offers, and exciting deals. Send in some additional pamphlets too!
  • Make a formal announcement about your new store opening and invite all your friends and well-wishers!
opening invitation wording ideas

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FAQ’s For Shop Opening Invitation…🎉

What should be included in a shop opening invitation?

A shop opening invitation should include the name of the shop, its location, the date and time of the opening, and any special details or activities that will be taking place. It is also essential to provide RSVP information and contact details for any inquiries.

How can I make my shop opening invitation wording engaging and appealing?

To make your invitation wording engaging and appealing, consider using creative and inviting language. Highlight any unique features or offers of your shop, and use a warm and friendly tone to encourage attendance. Incorporating a call-to-action or offering exclusive discounts can also add excitement to the invitation.

Can I include an RSVP request in the shop opening invitation?

Yes, it is advisable to include an RSVP request in the shop opening invitation. This allows you to estimate the number of attendees and make necessary arrangements for the event. Provide clear instructions on how to RSVP, whether through email, phone call, or any other preferred method.

Can I personalize the shop opening invitation for different guest segments?

Yes, personalizing the shop opening invitation for different guest segments can make your invitation more relevant and appealing. Consider tailoring the message based on the recipient’s relationship with your shop, such as loyal customers, influencers, or business partners

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