41+ Best Trade Show Invitation Wording ideas

Trade shows are generally a large platform provided to manufacturers and producers from various parts of the country to showcase their element. These other platforms on which small-scale entrepreneurs gain popularity by showcasing their quality products. These are seasonal in their nature and take place once or twice in a year.

There invitees who attend the trade show in order to purchase and also there are ones were invited to take part in the trade show with their product.

Here are most innovative and interesting trade show invitation wording ideas that you can use! Let’s find out-

  • If your business needs exposure then it’s good to take part in the trade show that we organise every year from (month name). Come join the show with what you have got! 
  • The opportunity to take your business higher only comes with the trade show of the year at (event venue). For more detailed information, get in touch with us! 
  • There will be thousands of attendees every day in our annual trade show and hence this remains the best platform for you to show what you have in stock! Come be a part of this.
  • We know the wide variety of offerings you have for the customers and this is why we would be glad with your presence at one of the stalls in our trade show this year. Please do join us
  • Trade show is the best platform for your budding business to connect to the customers and let them try out your new products to know what the market needs! Join us at (date) with your business as we start our show! 
  • Trade show held at (venue) this year needs your presence and active participation!! Connect at our website to book a spot for yourself! 
  • The amazing variety we offer to the visitors is worth your time! You are invited to come and check out the most anticipated trade show of the year! 

-We are more than happy to have you invited to come over at our trade show this year. We are making all ends meet to make it the most amazing trade show experience for you in recent times. 

 -You are well known for your great quality of products and we are glad to invite you to our trade show and take part in it. Please reach out to our office to get the best space for your business stall. 

-We are glad to announce our upcoming trade show in (month name). It is expected that all the premium businesses will take part and will add to the glow of the show! Reach out to us for more detail 

-Notice for all. This year we have shifted our trade show at (new venue name) and we wish that each of the businesses will take part with us just like they have been doing till now.

– The real pride of this trade show is the great quality and widest variety that our sellers offer. If you believe you can offer the same to the customers, why wait! Get in touch with us for participation. 

-We are honoured to invite you to the trade show 2019 at (venue). Your brand is immensely popular in the market which is why we want to ensure that you are present. 

-It is with great honour that we call for your participation in the biggest trade show of the town at (date) and (venue). Please connect with us to book a place for yourself in the show

-This year, we are making it better than ever before and we will offer you discount rates too! Please come with your offerings in the trade show and make it a success

-Let us all come together like every year and ensure that the people of this town have a great time visiting the trade show. Your presence at the venue is invaluable to the customers. 

– If you wish to witness the best of class and mass choices, there is no better place to visit than the trade show at (venue name) this year. Please attend the trade show it will continue from (date to date). 

-As technology develops by leaps and bounds, there is no ignoring the fact that visually witnessing each of them will be sheer treat for all. Come and check out for yourself at this year’s trade show

– If you miss out this trade show, you will regret for a long time because we will be having some of the best brands around the world coming over to showcase their products. You are cordially invited to come and shop your hearts out at this trade show starting from (date to date).

-It only comes once in a year and would you really want to give it a miss? We invite you with all our heart and hope you make it to the trade show at least on any one of the days while we are here 

– This year the trade show will have some of the best businesses from all over the world coming to showcase their most recent launches! Trust our words, it will be worth your time! Do come for sure. 

-Good news for all the buyers out there! There is a straight 50% slashed price on as many as 70% of the products on display at the trade show this year. Make the most of your budget and surely come, visit & buy! 

-We know that you have a busy schedule but the manufacturers from around the world come together to showcase their years of hard work and efficiency. Please come and take part in the trade show 

– An hour off your busy day will ensure that you witness some of the great variety of products at the trade show. We are eager to have you at the trade show and surprise you with amazing products. 

-The unity of our state as a diversified producer is fortified within the walls of this trade show! Attend from (date to date) to witness the grandeur of variety of this trade. 

– Trade show that needs no other recognition is here and just like every other year, we hope to see you crowd this year’s with amazing energy! Please do attend the trade show (year).

-Do you wish to see what’s coming to a store near you before everyone else? Trade show (year) promises to bring some of the best upcoming products and technology for exclusive test! Do attend this magnum opus! 

-Never has this big an opportunity come to your door, knocking! Bring your innovation and brand to the trade show this year to let the market know that “You are the NEXT BIG thing”! 

-Putting your amazing products on display is the best thing that you can do to your business (other than “investing” in it more)! Trade Show at (venue) promises to offer you the same platform. Come and join!

– We have some of the most amazing collection of what’s your favourite! Check out the amazing range at trade show (year)

-This is a formal invitation to the annual trade show of the (place). You can either take part with us as business or as customers! We are glad to have you! 

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