329+ Wedding Toasts: From Cringe to Classy in Seconds! (Images)

Wedding toasts, a cherished tradition that brings heartfelt emotions to the forefront of celebratory occasions, are an integral part of any matrimonial festivity.

These eloquent expressions of love, gratitude, and well wishes symbolize the joining of two lives in a union of everlasting commitment.

Whether they evoke laughter or tears, wedding toasts are a time-honored means of commemorating the newlyweds’ joyous journey.

In this article, we will delve into the art of crafting memorable wedding toasts that pay homage to the couple’s love story and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of all those in attendance.

Discover the secrets to crafting eloquent and meaningful wedding toasts that will resonate with your audience and be etched in matrimonial history’s annals.

Toasts for Weddings

  • May their joys be as deep as the ocean And their misfortunes as light as the foam.
  • May your joys be as sweet as spring flowers that grow. As bright as a fire when winter winds blow, As countless as leaves that float down in the fall, As serene as the love that keeps watching over us all.
  • May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings, Slow to make enemies, Quick to make friends, But rich or poor, quick or slow, May you know nothing but Happiness from this day forward.
Scottish Wedding Toasts
  • May joy and peace surround you, Contentment latch your door, And happiness is with you now, and bless you evermore.
  • May the best you’ve ever seen be the worst you’ll ever see. May a mouse never leave your kitchen with a teardrop in his eye. May you always be hearty until you’re old enough to die. May you always be just as happy as we wish you always to be.
  • The drink should be downed in one, and the glass smashed. Here’s us; Who’s like us? Damn few, And they a’ die!
  • Here’s to the bride and the groom! May you have a happy honeymoon, May you lead a happy life, May you have a bunch of money soon, And live without all strife.
  • Here is to the husband and here is to the wife; May they remain Lovers for life.”
  • Let us toast the health of the bride; Let us toast the health of the groom; Let us toast the person that tied; Let us toast every guest in the room.
  • They say that birds of a feather flock together. The two of you are the most graceful, odd, beautifully singing birds I’ve ever met… and I can’t wait to see you fly.
  • To the couple –I have never met a perfect couple, and I doubt I ever will. You bring out the best in each other… although that is pretty easy to do.
  • Of course, any order to the toasts and the people giving them is completely subject to the bride and groom’s preference. Invite the individuals you would like to toast to do so well in advance so they have plenty of time to prepare.
  • In formal wedding ceremonies, toasts are given immediately following the meal, before the first dance as husband and wife. This can be done either before or after the cutting of the cake.
  • For less formal affairs, toasts can occur after the first dance, as the first course is served, or virtually anytime that feels right. Just be sure to have a finalized order of events, so everyone is on the same page.

Traditional Wedding Toasts

  • Both of you are beautiful, talented, and graceful. Wish you a happy wedding life.
  • Let’s raise the toast to both of you to have an everlasting happy married life. 
  • Let the sun, moon, and stars shine on your wedding ceremony and bless you with a happy conjugal life.
  • Let peace and joy fill up your married life, and never let both of you stay away from one another.
  • Let us raise a toast to the priest who has performed the wedding ceremony with honor and respect and helped both of you to take your wedding vows. 
  • May your marriage ceremony give peace and happiness to this Earth. God bless both of you. 
  • We are indeed excited about being a part of the Scottish wedding and congratulating the beautiful bride and wonderful bridegroom for a happy married life. 
  • Let this be the perfect Scottish wedding for the great couple in the church followed by cutting the wedding cake and enjoying turkey and wine.
  • It is a blessing to be a part of a Happy Scottish Wedding and get an opportunity to dine with a wonderful couple.
  • We are eagerly waiting to witness the wonderful wedding ceremony and bless the couple to have everlasting married life. 
  • May this Scottish wedding ceremony be held with great pomp and show and make the couple exchange their wedding vows to always love and support one another in every walk of life. 
  • May this Scottish wedding ceremony bless both of you and help you attain eternal happiness.
  • Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime! I hope the two of you continue to love and support each other till the end of time.
  • May the two of you find your marriage a never-ending story filled with love, happiness, and adventure. Congratulations.
  • Here’s to the beginning of a wonderful trip we’re about to embark on together; may it be full of love, joy, and laughter till the end of time. May you have a lovely life together.
  • May the beauty and joy that your love has brought you on this wonderful day continue filling your hearts and souls for many more years.
  • May your lives be blessed with all the love, joy, and pleasure that your hearts may possibly carry in the years to come.
  • Let us all raise our glasses to congratulate this lovely couple who the gracious Lord has unified in holy matrimony.
  • It is my pleasure that I have attended the loveliest wedding ever. I hope that the two of you always love and support one another through hardships and sorrows.
  • The two of you are indeed a match in heaven. The Gods above brought you closer since you are such a perfect match for one another.
  • The two of you are the real epitome of what true love looks like. I hope you have a wonderful married life ahead.
  • Cheers on your wedding! It is our pleasure that we could watch the two of you unite and pledge to be with each other forever.

Italian Wedding Toast

Italian Wedding Toast
  • A day becomes memorable when you remember its blessings and forget all the hardships.
  • You are the precious blessing of my life. It is difficult to find a genuine friend like you these days. Wish you all the best.
  • You spread happiness wherever you go. All of us enjoy your friendship and wish you a happy married life.
  • You are like an angel that God has gifted to me. Hope that your life partner will love you the way I do.
  • My lovely daughter, from today onwards, you are going to start a new chapter of your life. May you find all the happiness in your new life. May God shower his choicest blessings on you today.
  • May we give a huge round of applause to the newlyweds.
  • Hugs and kisses to the lovely couple.
  • You guys have proved that real love exists in the world. Wish you all the best.
  • I wish that good luck accompanies you wherever you go and whatever job you do.
  • May your future be filled with joy and happiness.
  • I wish that both of you continue to find warmth in each other’s company.
  • The bride brought a bright smile to my face from the day she was born. She is about to begin a new life now, and she will expect love and affection from a different person. As her Father, I will be there to support her whenever she needs so from me.
  • I congratulate my daughter for finding the love of her life, and I must say that her man is fortunate to have a wife like my daughter.
  • I don’t have the words to express my emotions. She is my lovely daughter, and I have no doubt that she will be an adorable, caring wife.
  • I feel overwhelmed on this special occasion. I am still wondering when did that small girl grew to become someone’s wife today.
  • May the Almighty Lord continue to shower his blessings on you and your wife, my son.
  • It is a heart-wrenching moment for me as you move far away from me and start a new journey in life.  
  • Let me tell you both that married life is full of ups and downs. Stay with each other in the downs and celebrate the ups together. Cherish the wonderful moments of your new life.
  • Prioritize each other in your lives. Let nothing break your trust in each other.
  • I feel extremely happy to see this day arrive at last in your life. Wish you all the best; continue finding love and warmth in each other.
  • I feel nostalgic today and try to remember all the years when I grew up. You will always remain my little princess.
  • I hope that the groom gives all the happiness in the world to my sweet daughter. I will eagerly await the call of “Grandpa.”
  • Your new life will teach you a lot of things; be prepared to face the challenges. I have full faith in the couple. Both of you will make this marriage a grand success.  
  • Let us raise our glasses for the beautiful couple and bless them with a happy married life.
  • Until now, I imagined the day I would wake up in the morning to find you by my side. At last, the day has arrived; from tomorrow onwards, I will wake up to see your bright, beautiful face in the morning. This makes me feel privileged.
  • I see the world in your eyes; I feel lost every time I look at them. Wherever I go, I see your face. Yes, I love you a lot. Together, we will enjoy this new journey of life.
  • No relationship is as charming as a marriage, and our relationship has reached that stage. Here’s to the girl who has the prettiest eyes in the world.
  • I share all joy, sorrow, pain, and happiness with you from today onwards.
  • You are the man of my dreams. I expect a lot from you and know you will fulfill all my expectations. Let me assure you today that I will be there for you in every situation.

Old Italian Wedding Blessing

– May your love grow stronger with each passing day.

– May your home be filled with laughter and joy.

– May your hearts forever be intertwined as one.

– May your days be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

– May your journey together be filled with love and understanding.

– May your union be a source of inspiration to all who know you.

– May your commitment to each other deepen with every sunrise.

– May your love be a guiding light through life’s challenges.

– May your bond be unbreakable, like the strongest of oak trees.

– May your marriage be a reflection of eternal love.

– May your days be as joyous as a field of blooming flowers.

– May your love story be told for generations to come.

– May your hearts always find solace in each other’s embrace.

– May your love be as timeless as the stars in the night sky.

– May your partnership be as harmonious as a sweet symphony.

– May your life together be a masterpiece of happiness.

– May your love be as unchanging as the tides of the sea.

– May your marriage be a sanctuary of love and peace.

– May your days be filled with shared dreams and fulfilled wishes.

– May your love be a fire that warms and comforts all who gather around it.

Italian Wedding Toasts Blessings

Italian Wedding Toast

– May your love be as strong as the mountains and as enduring as the sea.

– May your life be filled with joy and laughter, and may your love grow stronger each day.

– To a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and endless love. May your journey together be as beautiful as a Tuscan sunset.

– May your marriage be a reflection of the beauty and warmth that Italy is known for.

– May your love be like a fine Italian wine – getting better and richer with each passing year.

– As you embark on this journey of love and togetherness, may you always find strength in each other’s embrace.

– Here’s to a marriage that’s as strong and vibrant as the streets of Rome.

– May your love story be as timeless and captivating as the art found in Florence.

– Like the rolling hills of Tuscany, may your life together be filled with beauty and serenity.

– May your marriage be a melody of joy and harmony, just like the music filling Venice’s air.

– To a love that’s as eternal as the ancient ruins of Pompeii and as passionate as an Italian opera.

– May your hearts be forever intertwined, just like the intricate streets of an Italian village.

– As you exchange vows and promises, may the bond between you be unbreakable, like the stones of the Colosseum.

– May your love be a source of inspiration to others, just like the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci.

– Here’s to a partnership that’s as strong as the Roman Empire and as enduring as its legacy.

– May your days be filled with the warmth of the Italian sun and the tenderness of each other’s touch.

– Like the olive trees that grace the countryside, may your love bear fruit and flourish for years to come.

– May your journey together be as exciting and adventurous as a gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

– May your love be a beacon of light, guiding you through the storms of life, just like the lighthouses along the Italian coast.

– Here’s to a marriage that’s as sweet as gelato and as comforting as a plate of pasta, bringing joy and comfort to your hearts.

Traditional Italian Wedding Blessing

Italian Wedding Toast

“May your love be as eternal as the Roman Colosseum, standing strong through all trials.”

“May your marriage be as sweet as cannoli and as lasting as Italian olive trees.”

“May your journey together be as enchanting as a gondola ride in Venice’s canals.”

“May your love story be as timeless and beautiful as the art of Florence.”

“May your marriage be as rich and flavorful as a traditional Italian meal.”

“May your life together be as harmonious as an operatic aria.”

“May your union be as strong and unbreakable as the walls of an ancient Italian castle.”

“May your love be as pure and endless as the waters of the Mediterranean.”

“May your marriage be as joyful and vibrant as a traditional Italian festival.”

“May your partnership be as comforting and warm as a cozy Italian villa.”

“May your love be as passionate and intense as a Sicilian sunset.”

“May your life together be as prosperous and abundant as Tuscany’s vineyards.”

“May your commitment to each other be as unyielding as the Italian Alps.”

“May your marriage be as magical and romantic as the streets of Verona.”

“May your love be as strong and enduring as the history of the Roman Empire.”

“May your partnership be as resilient and steadfast as the Italian coastline.”

“May your journey together be as adventurous and exciting as exploring ancient Roman ruins.”

“May your marriage be as graceful and elegant as the art of ballet, a true Italian passion.”

“May your love story be as captivating and inspiring as the Renaissance period.”

“May your love be as deep and profound as the wellsprings of Italian culture and tradition.”

Italian Wedding Toasts Quotes

“May your love be as endless as the sea and as timeless as the mountains.”

“To the bride and groom, may your life together be filled with happiness and laughter.”

“May your love shine brighter than the sun and warm your hearts forever.”

“Here’s to love, laughter, and a happily ever after.”

“May your journey together be as beautiful as a Tuscan sunset.”

“To the newlyweds, may your love story be legendary and your happiness boundless.”

“May your marriage be a masterpiece painted with joy, trust, and understanding.”

“Cheers to the merging of two souls and the creation of a lifelong love story.”

“May your love be strong enough to weather any storm and bright enough to light up the darkest of times.”

“Here’s to love that grows stronger with each passing day and a bond that nothing can break.”

“May your marriage be a garden of love, where every day blooms with happiness.”

“To a love that is unbreakable and an unwavering partnership.”

“May your marriage be blessed with a lifetime of shared dreams and cherished moments.”

“Cheers to the beginning of a beautiful journey filled with love, understanding, and companionship.”

“May your hearts always beat in harmony and your days be filled with joy.”

“To a union that is as pure and beautiful as the Italian countryside.”

“May your love be a melody that brings joy to your hearts and to everyone around you.”

“Cheers to everlasting love and a bond that only grows stronger with time.”

“May your marriage be a reflection of the love and devotion that you share.”

“To the bride and groom, may your days be filled with laughter, your nights with passion, and your lives with endless love.”

Scottish Wedding Toasts

Traditional Scottish Wedding Toasts and Blessings

  • A thousand welcomes to you with your marriage kerchief. May you be healthy all your days. May you be blessed with long life and peace and grow old with goodness and riches.
  • May you both be blessed with the strength of heaven, The light of the sun and the radiance of the moon, The splendor of fire, The speed of lightning, The swiftness of wind, The depth of the sea, The stability of earth, And the firmness of rock.
  • If righteousness is in the heart, there will be beauty in character. There will be harmony in the home if there is beauty in character. If there is harmony in the home, the nation will have order. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. So let it be!
  • May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; The rain pours soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in his hand.
  • Ten thousand things bright, Ten thousand miles, no dust, Water and sky one color, Houses shining along your road.
  • Happy the bride and bridegroom, and thrice happy are they whose love grows stronger daily and whose union remains undissolved until the last day.
  • May your love be like the misty rain, gentle coming in but flooding the river. May your love be as endless as your wedding rings.

Scottish Wedding Toasts

  • We are delighted to be invited to the wedding. Wish you all the best for your happy Scottish wedding.
  • May your married life be surrounded by divinity, peace and happiness. Both of you make a great couple.
  • May your Scottish wedding ceremony symbolize peace, happiness, and love for everyone.
  • May your Scottish marriage ceremony spread warmth and happiness throughout the entire world. 
  • May the bride and bridegroom be in a happy union and spread happiness worldwide. 
  • May your wedding signify good luck, love, and affection for everyone. Be blessed as a couple and enjoy a happy married life. 
  • I have never seen such a perfect couple like both of you. You are indeed made for each other. So, raising a toast to both of you. 
  • It gives us great pleasure to congratulate both of you as husband and wife. 
Scottish Wedding Toasts

Scottish Wedding Blessings

  • It gives us immense pleasure to be a part of the Scottish Wedding Ceremony.
  • They are a perfect couple made for the perfect Scottish Wedding. I wish you a Happy Scottish wedding ceremony. 
  • Marriage is not only about sharing love but also about exchanging responsibilities with one another. It is indeed a great Wedding Ceremony.
  • Let’s dance and celebrate the wedding of the beautiful Scottish Couple.
  • We do like to party at the beautiful wedding event of the beautiful couple.
  • We are excited indeed to become a part of this Auspicious Wedding Ceremony of Scottish Ceremony.
  • To be a part of the Scottish Wedding is a dream come true. I want to congratulate the bridegroom and bride on a happy married life.
  • Wish you a Happy married life and a Happy Honeymoon.
  • We wish the best for a Happy Married Life for the Scottish Couple. Let’s join for an awesome Scottish Wedding.

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