“should Female Athletes Be Paid the Same as Males?”

Good (–) one and all. I am (—) and I am here today to talk about why professional female athletes should be paid the same as male athletes in the same sport. It is of absolute necessity that female athletes should be paid the same as male athletes. It is illogical to say otherwise. Both males and females undergo the same training and put in the same efforts for a sport and there is no sense in paying males higher than females. 

Globally, women only earn about 63% of what males earn. The world is moving to gender equality and it is the need of the hour that there is no wage gap between males and females in athletics also. Women are equally valuable as men and their efforts should be equally appreciated and paid for.

Fixing the pay gap can also help with solving to an extent the inequality within the industry. There are a lot of stigmas associated with sports. According to the authorities, fans only want to watch the sports that are played by men. They do not realize that it is themselves who are promoting the men centric sports through biased glorification and advertising. If women’s sports were also encouraged in such a manner, they would also have to die-hard fans as men have now.

Sports have always been considered inappropriate for women. Most people out there would not even know that there are cricket and football tournaments and leagues happening for women also. Though there are so many women who are even more talented than the male players, they are not recognized and given appreciation as sports is always something manly. 

Women’s mobility is much restricted through various legal and social barriers. It is a shame that women have to fight for what they totally deserve by default. By giving men and women equal wages, their importance in the industry will increase and the authorities would want to encourage and advertise them to make their expenditure worth it.

Also through equal pay, more women will be encouraged to join the industry as I personally know many women who have taken a step back from the sports field due to the inequalities and discriminations that they have had to face. It made me realize what the women who are still in the industry are going through to achieve their goals. It is so many times difficult for women to get a place in the sports field for which a man will easily get access to even though they do not have what the woman has.

I urge you all to start watching women’s sports and to encourage their talents and help them through their journey to gain the recognition and respect they deserve. I also urge you to fight for equal pay for men and women and to remove the inequalities and discriminations that they face. This is the least that we can do for them. Thank you and have a good day.

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