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Every year, the National No Beard Day is made into account on the 8th of October month by all the residing in the world. The day is to celebrate the men who have no beards. The clean shave people get recognization on this particular fun day. On this day, let us celebrate and wish everyone.

National No Beard Day – messages

– The National No Beard Day is fun but needs to be recognized by everyone because clean shave men are no way less handsome that the bearded men.

– The National No Beard Day is also a day to celebrate all the fashions in trend by having a clean shaved beard. 

– Men nowadays do not like shaving their beards. The National No Beard Day makes them maintain hygiene and be tidy by shaving off their beard.

– Men usually do not shave their beards because they think they then have a smooth face looking like a baby, and everyone will mock them and their new clean, shaved look.

– But, if we see around, clean shaved men are also handsome and enough to attract others the same as the bearded man. The National No Beard Day is to clear out all such myths.

– The National No Beard Day makes the men show off their clean, smooth, and lovable face to the people around and making all others to fall in love with their smooth face.

– The National. No Breas Day is also a fun day to save your mustache, which is once your favorite style or something new you can try with your beard on that day.

– Bring out your school memories when you used to have no beard. Bring out the boy in yourself and then enjoy the fun holiday – the National No Beard Day.

– On the occasion of the National No Beard Day, do a clean save and throw out your razor to the dustbin because you will not need it for several weeks.

The razor companies were having a great business because boys have more beard growth due to men’s hormones. 

– Then, as it was decided to celebrate the National No Beard Day, the razor companies also started many offers and discounts for the men, or else they will have to through a loss.

– To celebrate the National No Beard Day, have a clean shave and then surprise your family members with the look. They will be happy to again see the real child within you on the day.

– You can also surprise your friends with a clean, shaved, smooth face. Wish them the National No Beard Day and challenge them to take part in the day, having a smooth, clean, shaved face.

– You and all our known ones can go to a salon and try a new clean shaved look in order to mark the National No Beard Day. Try being an inspiration for others and clear out the myths regarding clean shave.

– The history of the National No Beard Day is still inkling but it does not mean we should stop celebrating the day. Try new products for your beard to shave them. Then also apply the cream to your smooth, clean face.

National No Beard Day quotes

Ideas are like beards; men do not have them until they grow up. 


The beard must not be plucked. Ye shall not deface the figure of your beard. 


Don’t judge a man by the size of his ego or his heart, but on the epicness of his beard and the beautiful woman on his arm 

–Abraham Lincoln 

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